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Mintegral Releases Statement Denying SDK Allegations

BEIJING, Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently , a report from Sny k accused Mintegral of malpractices to commit fraud and invade privacy.
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BEIJING, Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently , a report from Sny k accused Mintegral of malpractices to commit fraud and invade privacy. Mintegral firmly denies these allegations. Mintegral has stated it takes matters of privacy and fraud very seriously and are conducting a thorough analysis of these allegations and where they are coming from.

To clarify some details about how Mintegral's SDK works, the SDK collects information through a publicly available OS-level Apple API. Mintegral then uses this data to select the most relevant advertisement when its ad network is called to fill an ad request. This is a standard industry technique for the purpose of identifying the most appropriate ad for a user. In an email dated August 24th , Apple said it has spoken with Snyk researchers about their report, and that they have not seen any evidence the Mintegral SDK is harming users.

Mintegral practices have never conflicted with Apple's terms of service or violated customer trust. Mintegral has ensured data would never be used for any fraudulent install claims and take these allegations very seriously.

To be fully transparent with the Mintegral SDK and practices, Mintegral encourages customers and partners to investigate this accusation through their independent data as well. It i s confide nt that customers and partners will reach the same conclusions, that is, there is no fraud taking place.

In conjunction with Apple's upcoming iO S 14 updat e, Mintegral, as planned, will deprecate this functio n in the SD K. Mintegral has been and is in constant communication with all stakeholders, including Apple.

Many partners have been with Mintegral since the beginning. Mintegral values the ongoing cooperation and their belief in Mintegral as a driver of growth for their mobile apps. Mintegral continues to assist clients and  is more than willing to provide complete transparency across the board.

Mintegral was founded on the idea of bridging East and West through transparent, reliable and open advertising technology. This ethos continues and will work hard to remain a transparent and trustworthy partner for app publishers and advertisers around the world, and to ensure the mobile industry continues towards a clear, open ecosystem.

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