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MeasureUp Certifies Its Information Security Management With ISO 27001

This certification recognizes companies that carry out a correct management of information security both within the organization itself, as well as for the customers, suppliers, and other actors involved in its activity

MIAMI, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- MeasureUp, a world leader in practice testing and evaluations for IT certifications, has obtained the ISO 27001 certification, an international distinction that recognizes the correct and effective management of information security, as the company works to increase its professionalization and to open up new growth opportunities in all its business lines.

The ISO 27001 certification is essential for organizations to protect their most important assets:   their customers' and employees' personal information and the company's corporate image, notable throughout the three divisions of Media Interactiva, the business group to which MeasureUp belongs. As well as the already-mentioned MeasureUp, Media Interactiva also comprises   Pedagoo, an evaluation platform to train and evaluate knowledge in schools, companies, and governments with an innovative methodology, and Certinet, which is dedicated to promoting training and certification in digital skills across educational and professional fields.

This seal of quality granted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is the result of the effort carried out during the year 2021 by the MeasureUp team, which has worked intensely and collaboratively to improve the management and security of the information of the company and its own team, as well as that of customers, suppliers, and other actors the company interacts with.

Media Interactiva's CEO, Sam Brocal, highlighted the importance of this international certification for the company: "One of Media Interactiva's missions is to ensure the protection of confidential customer, user, and product data."

This certification joins the ISO-20000, obtained by MeasureUp in 2019 and which accredits the quality of the company's  management of information technology (IT) services throughout all its business lines.

For MeasureUp, the certification of services is key to "reinforce our quality and professionalization", at a time when the company "is immersed in a growth project involving a greater professionalization of its departments, the establishment of quality standards and more competitive procedures, and the international consolidation and innovation of its products and services".

About Media Interactiva

Media Interactiva, the business group to which MeasureUp belongs, is a leader in technological and educational content, training more than 500,000 people worldwide, from digital literacy at school to training in the latest software developments demanded by IT professionals. 

Headquartered in Tomares ( Seville), it has a workforce of around 100 professionals (42 of them full-time positions) and teams in Spain, the United States, Ukraine, and India. Its products and solutions are marketed in 123 countries on five continents.

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