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Listen To An Intimate Conversation With Ben Crump, America's Social Justice Attorney

NAPLES, Fla., Sept.

NAPLES, Fla., Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Listen to a new and unique interview with attorney Ben Crump on Lawful Good, a podcast for and about lawyers. A warrior for justice with a mission of standing up for the lives of black and brown people, Ben has devoted his life work to holding America accountable to the Declaration of Independence.


Ben is an unapologetic defender for Black life and Black liberty and Black humanity.

Who is Ben? What makes Ben Ben? Who influenced him? And has it always been easy?

In this intimate interview, we hear stories from throughout his life, drawing on the beauty and spectrum of Ben's humanity. Some of the stories in this publication include:

  • His uncle Jesse declaring he was Ben's father, along with several other boys, so they could play sports.
  • How Ben's life was guided by words from his grandmother, Ma Mittie, "Baby, whether this family go up or down, it's going to be on your shoulders."
  • What Ma Mittie told him after he had left for college and was questioning his faith.
  • How he balances fighting for justice and curling up with his daughter at bedtime.
  • And, naturally, the proper way to eat brownies with ice cream.

A self-proclaimed disciple of Thurgood Marshall, Ben has worked with the families of people from Travyon Martin to Breonna Taylor, George Floyd to Hunter Brittain, and many more. Ben is an unapologetic defender for Black life and Black liberty and Black humanity.

In this episode of Lawful Good,  you will hear how Ben and his first law partner, Daryl Parks, determined to work together to fight for their people. Ben describes their first days in law school:

"We were there and we looked around and it was very funny. Everybody had laptops. We didn't have laptops. We said to ourselves, man, we the poorest people here at the law school. We got to stick together to help each other. And we formed a friendship and a bond and it endures us to this day. When we graduated law school, we said, we want to do law to help our community, to help our people."

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