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Kids Not In Classrooms This Fall? Create A Learning Pod With Swing Education K-12 Teachers

Qualified, vetted, and experienced educators from Swing Education's teacher network to help support small group learning during school closures
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SAN MATEO, Calif., July 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As a leader in substitute teacher placement, Swing Education is answering the need of families seeking in-home teachers to help their children with distance learning during school closures with its new ' Bubbles ' service. This new service is in response to families wanting to create small in-home learning groups called "pandemic pods" or "learning pods" where students complete distance learning assignments at home with the support of an in-person teacher. Swing Education is utilizing its extensive network of classroom teachers to match families with a qualified K-12 educator.

"Whether students are getting instruction in a classroom or remotely at home, we want to make sure they have the best teachers possible," said Mike Teng, CEO of Swing Education. "With many schools adopting distance learning this fall, we're seeing a new demand for teachers to staff in-home learning pods that supplement the district curriculum, in fact we're receiving hundreds of requests a day. Bubbles helps parents provide their children with the supportive environment needed to continue their education and succeed with distance learning."

Parents can request a teacher for a learning pod of anywhere from two to eight students. Using a comprehensive, white-glove matching process, Swing Education then quickly matches the best-fit teacher with the learning pod. All educators are W-2 employees, and undergo and complete an extensive screening, including fingerprinting, background checks, and health screens.

Swing Education handles the teacher and pod agreements, as well as weekly teacher payroll, to make the process as easy and streamlined as possible for families. All participating families have ongoing access to Swing Education's learning pods support team.

"While schools provide so much more than childcare that is also one of the gaps that we're now trying to close for families," said Teng. "This impacts almost all working mothers as childcare so frequently falls disproportionately on women. As schools close physically for safety reasons, the last thing the country needs right now is for women to leave the workforce."

Swing Education is also working with funders to provide "scholarships" for students from low-income families or children of teachers in order to make Bubbles accessible to as many families as possible.

The Bubbles service is currently available for families in California, Arizona, Texas, New Jersey, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Swing Education's network of 8,500-plus quality educators has served more than 250,000 classrooms, to date. The company comprehensively recruits, screens, and certifies educators, then effectively matches them with schools through Swing Education's online marketplace. The company also recently launched Swing Tutors , an online tutoring service for students in grades K-12. This service matches Swing Education's educators with students based on their grade level and subject area to provide students with extra real-time, one-on-one support in a secure online learning environment. 

To learn more about Bubbles and Swing Education, visit .

About Bubbles by Swing EducationBubbles by Swing Education will match parents with a qualified, experienced K-12 teacher to provide in-home education for a learning pod of two to eight students. Founded in 2015, Swing Education provides educators for K-12 schools. The company comprehensively recruits, screens, and prepares educators to fill teacher and support staff absences. To date, Swing Education has helped more than 2,500 school partners and over 5 million students. To learn more about Swing Education, visit .

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