Kameo Announces Expanded Service Offerings To Streamline COVID-19 Testing For The Entertainment Production Industry

The New Services Provide Customized Management Solutions for Production Companies to Seamlessly Schedule and Track Testing Compliance and Results On-Set
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LOS ANGELES, June 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --  Kameo , the leading provider of flexible mobile COVID-19 testing services for the entertainment production industry, announced today the launch of its digital platform , which will serve as an added service to help streamline the complex and high-risk task of tracking and managing COVID-19 testing and compliance on-site, allowing productions to operate safely.

Kameo offers mobile COVID-19 services to film and production companies, which employ countless staff and talent daily. Whether through its licensed mobile labs which provide on-location rapid testing, its network of vetted lab partners nationwide providing PCR testing, on-set medical professional affiliates, or at-home concierge testing for talent and VIP clients, Kameo handles all the planning, supply procurement, testing event setup, staffing, and data intake to help a production run seamlessly.

With these expanded services, Kameo will further enhance its ability to provide seamless and efficient planning for COVID-19 testing events, as well as the results management solutions needed to keep productions operating. The platform will allow production management and health and safety teams to easily schedule and manage testing events across large groups with complex testing requirements. It will also host a symptom screener, with health questions customizable to the needs of each production, and a COVID passport, which will provide a centralized hub for cast, crew and production management to keep track of results. Access to the platform is available as an add-on service for all Kameo clients for a small additional fee.

"Since starting Kameo, we have been working tirelessly to help Hollywood get back to business, and with great success," said Alex Ostebo, Founder and President of Kameo. "With this tech platform, productions can streamline COVID-19 testing information with ease, allowing more time to focus on creative projects."

"Kameo is evolving into a technology-first company and this is the first phase of that growth," said Matt Hibberd, CEO of Kameo. "We've had a successful beta rollout with our existing clients and are excited to now launch the platform as a new service offering for all current and future clients."

To begin using the platform, cast or crew members are invited to the production by the production team, then receive an automated registration email request to begin the process. If an individual is working on multiple productions simultaneously, the platform allows for seamless transitions and accessibility between two or more productions in a profile.

Once a production is complete, users retain access to their data and the health passport. When users join another production using Kameo, their profile can automatically be linked to future productions they work on. The platform also provides an option for cast and crew who have been tested through other labs to upload their results to the platform, allowing productions to keep track of that data and save money on testing costs.

Since its inception last year, Kameo has become Hollywood's most trusted testing partner. It has supported more than 100 productions, with 15 currently filming, and has administered over 50,000 COVID-19 tests facilitated by national partnerships with high-throughput RT-PCR labs and flanked by a growing fleet of mobile labs for 15-30 minute Rapid testing. As a bootstrapped startup, Kameo has had remarkable success in its first year, partnering with most of Hollywood's major studios and networks.

For more information about Kameo, its digital platform and its other service offerings please visit kameo.co .


Kameo is the leading provider of reliable and flexible mobile COVID-19 testing services for the entertainment production industry. Founded by producer Alex Ostebo, Kameo streamlines the complex and high-risk task of tracking and managing COVID-19 testing and compliance on-site, allowing productions to operate safely. An expert provider in PCR and Rapid testing services, Kameo delivers smooth and seamless solutions tailored for producers and fit for productions big or small. With flexible solutions that fit the needs of each production, Kameo is Hollywood's most trusted testing partner. For more information, please visit kameo.co.

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