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Iotron Medical Appoints CEO

BOSTON, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Iotron Medical Inc.

BOSTON, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Iotron Medical Inc. (Iotron) is pleased to announce the appointment of Patrick Donahue as its CEO effective immediately. Pat has over 30 years of experience in the fields of nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceutical development, and radiation therapy. Having worked with many of the industry leaders and innovators, he has led programs in business strategy, technology development, market evaluation and cGMP implementation. Pat is very well known in the radiopharmaceutical community, with a solid reputation for achieving success.

"We are confident Pat is the right person to lead Iotron, implementing our business plan and taking the company on a path to full commercial production of the valuable medical isotope copper-67" said Mike Scott, Chairman of the Board for Iotron. "We look forward to applying our exclusive technology to full-scale commercial production to fill the need for this key isotope. Pat joins us at this critical stage as we select the site to construct a new facility and build our professional team".

"I am very pleased to be joining Iotron" said Pat Donahue. "Copper-67 is recognized as having ideal characteristics as a therapeutic radioisotope in the fight against cancer, particularly as a theranostic paired with the imaging isotope copper-64. These targeted radiopharmaceutical therapies have the potential to significantly improve patient care and contribute to major growth in nuclear medicine."

Iotron recently announced a collaboration with Canadian Isotope Innovations Corp (CIIC), which is now providing clinical research-scale quantities of copper-67 and building its production capacity.  Iotron will continue to work closely with CIIC to expand availability of copper-67 for research and clinical use.  Iotron has plans to develop a commercial-scale production facility in US in the near future.

For more information about Iotron's technology or to order copper-67 radioisotope please refer to the website at

About Iotron Medical Inc.:Iotron Medical Inc. is a spin-out of the Iotron Group which pioneered the use of electron beam technology at sites in both Canada and the USA for the sterilization of medical devices.  With the sale of these operations in 2020, Iotron is focused on its commercialization of copper-67 that includes the development of a commercial scale production facility in the US.

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