Roseville, Minn., Feb.
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Roseville, Minn., Feb. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The St. Paul City Council adopted a resolution commending Hawkins, Inc. for being one of America's most responsible companies at its meeting held on February 17. 

The City Council recognized Hawkins "as a model of corporate and civic leadership, for providing products that keep the environment clean, for reducing its customers' overall environmental footprint, for increasing its own energy efficiency, for investing in its local communities and for treating its employees equitably and ethically."

The resolution was sponsored by Councilmember Jane Prince. 

"Hawkins was founded in St. Paul in 1938 and we now operate three manufacturing and distribution facilities within the city and 43 others across the country," said Patrick H. Hawkins, Chief Executive Officer and President.  "From the St. Paul sites, we are able to utilize the Mississippi as a working river to sustainably and cost-effectively transport critical products that we then distribute throughout the country."

"We are proud of this recognition from Minnesota's Capital City," Mr. Hawkins continued.  "The commendation serves as a testament to the years of hard work by all of our employees throughout the country to build this company into a trustworthy and reliable partner for our customers and our communities."

Hawkins, Inc. was founded in 1938 and is a leading specialty chemical company that distributes, blends and manufactures chemicals and other specialty ingredients for its Industrial, Water Treatment, and Health & Nutrition customers.  Headquartered in Roseville, Minnesota, and with 46 facilities in 21 states, the Company creates value for its customers through superb customer service and support, quality products and personalized applications.  Hawkins, Inc. generated $540 million of revenue in fiscal 2020 and has approximately 700 employees.  For more information, including registering to receive email alerts, please visit www.hawkinsinc.com/investors.



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