Grow Solutions' Aeropods Will Be Studied At The University Of British Columbia By Its Third-year Students To Assess The Aeropods Carbon Footprint

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, Feb. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Grow Solutions Holdings, Inc.
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SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, Feb. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Grow Solutions Holdings, Inc. (OTCPink: GRSO) University of British Columbia ("UBC") students study Aeropods' carbon footprint.  From operating grow lights, to heating and cooling, indoor farming can be an energy-intensive process. The course plans to answer the question of how we can reap the benefits of indoor farming while minimizing our carbon footprint.

Grow Solutions is pleased to be working with a group of 3 rd year undergraduate students at the University of British Columbia to answer that question. UBC's Land and Food Systems Core Series ("LFS 350") uses real-world examples to prepare students to tackle complex issues around agriculture, environment, and community. The projects are done in collaboration with local and regional organizations, allowing the students to contribute to food system sustainability and community food security.  

Grow Solutions wholly owned subsidiary Pure Roots has shared with the students the materials and processes it will use in manufacturing its facilities, growing, processing and delivering food. "Our goal is to use a data-driven approach to improve the energy efficiency of our growing system," said Lena Syrovy, Vice President of Agronomy at Pure Roots. "With greenhouse gas emissions being one of the most pressing issues facing our generation, we believe energy consumption must be included in the conversation on vertical farming."

Vertical farming is often applauded for its low water, fertilizer, and space requirements. One AeroPod can produce 22x more kale annually compared with outdoor production in the same footprint. Vertical farming will be part of the solution to meeting fresh food needs in the future, allowing food to be grown year-round close to where it will be eaten. However, the energy required to build and operate indoor farms is less often discussed.

Ms. Stephanie Lim, the UBC Community Relations Coordinator for the Faculty of Land and Food Systems stated: "By sharing their knowledge and expertise, they (LFS 350 partners) contribute to the enhancement of students' ability to connect and contribute to the communities in which they live. We are glad to contribute UBC resources to the advancement of projects and initiatives on community-identified priorities related to complex food systems issues."

What are the key areas to focus on where we can have the biggest impact on lowering our energy consumption? "With our first farm in Surrey, B.C., planning on opening in the second quarter of 2020 we hope that the results of this project will shape our long-term technology and operational choices as we roll out more farms in the future ," stated Chad Fischl, our Chief Executive Officer and Director.

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