GROSS OUT Pop-comic Trading Cards Re-Animated As Limited Edition NFT's

The original global comic and trading card property GROSS OUT has been re-imagined in 1,097 animated and looping collectible MP4 NFT's. For the No.1 holder of the set at Auction close June 30, a Custom NFT will be created in their own image, minted as their very own personal Avatar to use publicly & keep in their collection.
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SYDNEY, June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Kryptyx Entertainment, a 20-year entertainment publisher, is gearing up for the auction of its original comic, trading card and online gaming pop title GROSS OUT as a strictly limited range of animated NFT collectibles. To celebrate the NFT drop, Kryptyx is offering the collector holding the most NFT's in the set at auction close the chance to create a customized, illustrated and animated NFT all their own.

Offered at Digital Assets platform OpenSea : and on auction this weekend until 30 th June, the GROSS OUT Collection celebrates the crazy, wacky world we co-habit - in all-original illustrated artwork upcycled with animation for a fresh take on blockchain collectibles.

Anybody can explore the GROSS OUT series in detail at:  There are 158 unique NFT's to collect into with seven levels of rarity - in a total mint of 1,097 MP4's. Individual NFT's are built to loop together as a set in High-Def on a large screen, and trade individually with all the usual properties found in a pro trading card collection.

For the primo holder at auction close, the opportunity will be to work with GROSS OUT's original cartoonist Loopy Dave to create a uniquely illustrated and animated vision - in their own image - and have it minted to the Ethereum blockchain for personal use.

"In recent weeks the NFT market has seen huge programmatic releases untouched by human hand. They're all amazing, but we wanted to balance the blockchain just a bit with an NFT project on a similar collectible scale, that genuinely features unique human art and animation. Said BC Gage, Creator at Kryptyx Entertainment. "You can be one of 10,000 or one of 20,000 Programmatic characters, but if you are the No.1 holder of the GROSS OUT collection at auction close, you will have a valuable and unique collection nobody else has and you really will have your own very personal Avatar".

The Gross Out NFT series is 158 NFT's. The first 116 NFT's in the set are on sale at a NO-FOMO price starting at just .06 Ether each. Less than what a Bored Ape originally cost and way less than a Nifty. For the price of a Bored Ape today, you could purchase a whole GROSS OUT base set. The remaining 42 Special (1-of-1) NFT's are offered at auction for core collectors.

Available now at OpenSea: 

For full information visit the website:

Insta: @grossout_nft

Media Enquiries: Ben Gage


  • First published in 2005 as one of few brands created for kids in the 2000's and syndicated globally as comics and trading cards.
  • Became one of the first kids' titles to release online webisodes and various popular web games prior to social media and well before smartphones.
  • Gross Out went on to popular success at its own swamped stand at COMIC-CON San Diego in July 2006 and a sellout in major retail chains.
  • This NFT release is a celebration of 15 years since its popular showing at COMIC-CON.


  • Kryptyx Entertainment is an Australian based company founded in 2002 with a mission to create sticky entertainment and consumer products on all known platforms - with the only boss to answer to being the fans.
  • Over the years, the company has printed millions of trading cards and comics, shipped many container loads of toys, and published various online games and animated cartoons.
  • The NFT space presents for Kryptyx a culmination of all these different fan-driven disciplines into one solidifying digital future and a new pathway for entertainment and consumer products - free of landfill and considerably more carbon-neutral than the physical alternative.

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