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GoodTrust Partners With The Travel Plan By Inman To Launch Digital End-of-life Services

Inman Shipping and GoodTrust partner to give peace of mind with combined worldwide Travel Plan and Digital Legacy solution.

MENLO PARK, Calif., Oct. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --  GoodTrust ( and  Inman Worldwide Shipping ( are excited to announce a new partnership that helps families easily and securely take care of their loved one's digital legacy.

"We provide an easy solution for helping grieving families make sure their digital presence is managed properly," said Rikard Steiber, CEO and founder of GoodTrust, the leading digital legacy and end-of-life planning platform. "Together with the Travel Plan by Inman, we can help more families protect the legacy and memories of their loved ones."

The partnership will offer Travel Plan participants, at no cost, the GoodTrust Premium Plan for 3 months with a free will-maker-tool and VIP service to take care of accounts like Facebook and LinkedIn after someone passes away.

GoodTrust also makes it possible for anyone to secure their online life with a digital vault. Users can also create their will for free in less than 15 minutes and share stories and memories like animated photos or Future Messages

"We are excited to be partnering with GoodTrust to help families take care of this important need in today's digital world by ensuring their digital legacy," said Dave McComb, CEO, Inman Worldwide Shipping. "Together with GoodTrust we can offer an important service that also provides funeral professionals with a new revenue opportunity."

About the Travel Plan by InmanThe Travel Plan by Inman is a travel protection product of Inman Shipping Worldwide which is sold preneed. We are the only Plan that is supported by the vetted network of Inman Service Providers. Inman has served the funeral service profession since 1978 and is the oldest and largest repatriation firm in the country. The Travel Plan brings a loved one home for ceremony if the die 75 miles or more from their legal address. Our owner, Dave McComb is a 4th generation funeral director and understands the needs of the funeral professional.

About GoodTrust GoodTrust  is the leading digital legacy and end-of-life planning platform. It allows anyone to manage memories and digital assets for the "afterlife," designate who should have access, and create innovative ways to connect the stories of the past with the future. GoodTrust also helps families who have lost someone take care of the deceased person's digital assets through memorialization, asset management or shutting down accounts. The GoodTrust will-creation tool is free and only takes 15 minutes.

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