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Freedom ShockWave™: Shocking Absorption. Effortless Momentum.

PDAC Verified, Classic Freedom Foot Design, Vertical Shock Relief, & Axial Rotation For A Shockingly Smooth Experience

TEMPE, Ariz., Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --  PROTEOR USA today announced the Freedom ShockWave™, a new PDAC Verified vertical shock carbon fiber prosthetic foot with axial rotation. The Freedom ShockWave utilizes the industry-leading Freedom foot design with its propriety EnduraCore® hybrid composite technology providing ideal durability, flexibility, and strength for high energy return, more natural motion, and less fatigue. The unique Spherical Shock Unit (SSU) provides vertical shock relief, axial rotation, and works in harmony with the existing Freedom Foot design providing K3/K4 patients with a shockingly smooth experience during every day and highly active routines for a more natural gait, increased energy return, reduced pain, and less fatigue.


"Freedom ShockWave is improving clinical outcomes by allowing patients to live their lives to the fullest again. The vertical shock absorption reduces pain and fatigue so patients can wear their prosthesis longer each day. The axial torsion allows seamless rotation improving comfort, stability, and confidence," says Matt Swiggum, President and CEO at PROTEOR USA. "We are excited to offer patients another superior solution to help improve their lives. #HumanFirst."

Key features and benefits of the Freedom ShockWave include:

  • Ultimate shock absorption at heel strike reduces stress on the residual limb for a more natural gait.
  • Axial rotation of +/- 15° reduces socket pressure and allows for quick pivoting in a seamless motion for ultimate stability and comfort on varied terrains.
  • Full-length heel and keel initiates plantar flexion at heel strike for better ground compliance and maximized energy return.
  • Split keel and heel delivers added motion improving stability, comfort, and confidence on various terrains.
  • Bolt-less design eliminates dead spots and weak structural areas resulting in a lighter and more reliable foot.

Freedom ShockWave received PDAC Verification for L5987 and L5984 CMS billing codes complementing PROTEOR USA's vertical shock portfolio offering.

In addition to the Freedom ShockWave, the newly released fiberglass RUSH ROGUE 2 from PROTEOR USA also received PDAC Verification for the traditional foot module (L5987 + L5984), RUSH ROGUE 2 H2O water solution (L5987 + L5984), and RUSH ROGUE 2 EVAQ8 elevated vacuum system (L5987 + L5984 + L5781) offering a compendium of vertical shock solutions for K3/K4 patients.

October 18, 2021, Freedom ShockWave will be available world-wide.

About PROTEOR USAPROTEOR USA, a subsidiary of PROTEOR France, is comprised of three trusted brands that include PROTEOR France, RUSH Foot® (previously Ability Dynamics), and Freedom Innovations who are in constant pursuit of innovation with the best possible outcomes in mind.  Committed to developing the most comprehensive product portfolio in the Orthotic & Prosthetic industry by putting the #HumanFirst and delivering extensive and progressive product lines to include everything today's prosthetic wearer needs to LIVE THE LIFE THEY LOVE.

Contact: Shannon DwyerPROTEOR USA949.383.9233

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