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Foundry Six Fights Video Chat Fatigue With Gaming Platform 'Yas'

Foundry Six develops an innovative solution to make video chats with friends fun again.
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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- COVID-19 forced the world to stay inside, and at a time where Zoom replaces the office,  Yas replaces the bar.

Foundry Six, a Los Angeles-based technology company created its flagship product,  Yas , a solution to replicate the fun that can only be felt with an in-person conversation.

Yas  uses augmented reality face filter games to break up the monotony and awkward silences to help reintroduce fun back into video chats.

Each gaming experience is inspired by social media trends and is designed to give users the chance to interact with the environment around them and their friends during a chat session. 

New games will be added regularly, but  Yas will come equipped with five games to start that include:

  • What Am I? - Users are put to the test to guess what object their friend turned into. The person with the most correct guesses wins.
  • Laugh Challenge - Watch the funniest videos on the Internet with friends or alone. Crack a smile, lose the challenge.
  • Nose Paint - Guess what a user has painted using only their nose in this multi-player game that challenges users' design skills.
  • Reaction Time- Users' reaction times will be tested, and the person with the fastest reaction time wins.
  • Whisper Challenge - A user is muted and must share a phrase with their friends before time runs out.

"It's our hope this functionality will breathe new life into video chats, as they've quickly become one of the key ways people stay in touch with their loved ones and friends given the current circumstances," said Antony Tran, Co-Founder of Foundry Six. "We're committed to changing the way people video chat one game at a time and will release new games on the platform every two weeks."

About Foundry Six

Foundry Six is an emerging technology company that focuses on the future. Our products are designed to fit the needs of the general audience and our clients. Our vision for the future is clear. See a need, fill a need, and make it fun! Founded by minorities, our company, product positioning, and vision for video chat landed us a unique opportunity to be one of the 10 startup companies selected to join the prestigious 2020 Class of Techstars Korea Accelerator.

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