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FireHUD Rebrands To SlateSafety With Added Focus On Protecting Industrial Workers

ATLANTA, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- FireHUD, Inc.

ATLANTA, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- FireHUD, Inc. a leader in real-time vital sign monitoring of first responders and soldiers, is announcing its strategic rebrand to SlateSafety. With the name change, the company will widen its reach to include heavy industrial markets where heat stress and overexertion are a constant concern. The SlateSafety name, colors and logo reflect the success of its predecessor and symbolize the elevated focus on protection and connected safety.

FireHUD was founded in 2016 to improve firefighters' situational awareness and reduce line of duty injuries and deaths with the creation of a heads-up display (HUD). Today, FireHUD deploys its flagship product, the BioTrac Platform, to combat physiological incidents for a wide range of customers.

"The evolution of FireHUD's product is something that has happened organically while iterating with our customers. Moving from a heads-up display to a rugged armband was a natural step to provide cutting edge solutions for the problems our customers face daily" said Zack Braun, CEO. "With this next stage we remain focused on our core mission in rugged environments throughout public safety, the military and now industrial markets. The rebranding to SlateSafety allows us to widen our product roadmap and unify divergent use cases in disparate markets to solve the common problems."

With the early success of FireHUD, SlateSafety expects to see continued success in the industrial markets particularly in the construction, nuclear, steel, mining, pharmaceutical, and chemical manufacturing industries.

When asked about the transition from FireHUD to SlateSafety, Chris Ward, VP of Growth, said "The idea around SlateSafety is exciting. The SlateSafety brand will continue to build upon the same key foundations that made FireHUD a success. In an ever-connected safety world, our customers need solutions that can deliver reliably in multiple settings, locations, and job functions. Opening the door with a larger brand presence allows us to do that."

About SlateSafety

Atlanta-based SlateSafety is a technology company that provides easy-to-use, real-time group physiological monitoring to first responders, the military, and industrial workers. SlateSafety aims to make jobs safer with rugged, reliable, and revolutionary connected safety technology. SlateSafety has received funding from the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Standards and Technology, the US Air Force and Army to accelerate the development of its IoT platform. For more information, visit:

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