Femarelle® Keeps Postmenopausal Women Unstoppable

Healthy Aging, Naturally With Femarelle® Unstoppable
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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Women can accomplish anything they set their mind to do. Unfortunately, as they age, their bodies might not be as quick to take on the challenge. That's where Femarelle® Unstoppable comes in. Dedicated to supporting bone health, vaginal discomfort, and energy levels for women in their sixties and onwards, Femarelle® Unstoppable is a dietary supplement that provides natural way to address the needs of women over 60.

As a woman comes to terms with the effects menopause might have had on her body, she may be accustomed to the changes that accompany the decrease in estrogen levels. The hot flashes may have subsided, but the aging process always brings new challenges. In response, Femarelle® Unstoppable supports bone, joint, muscle, urinary, and overall vaginal health. It also aids in stress management and increases energy levels.

Femarelle® Unstoppable contains DT56a, a proprietary Non-GMO soy extract, with the addition on Calcium and vitamin D and B vitamins. DT56a has been recommended for the management of bone mineral density, post-menopausal osteoporosis, hot flashes, dryness, and thrombogenicity. Following a year of use, DT56a has been linked to a decrease in menopausal symptoms as defined by the Kupperman index.

With over twenty years in the nutraceutical industry, Se-cure Pharmaceuticals Inc. is no stranger to female healthcare. As the manufacturer of the Femarelle® product line, Se-cure Pharmaceuticals uses proprietary botanical therapies and cutting-edge scaling technologies to develop and implement natural and safe supplements. Beyond their business model, their desire to provide potent and effective products comes from personal experience. When the mother of Se-cure Pharmaceuticals' founder was undergoing intensive treatment for an illness, she also went through menopause. So, Se-cure Pharmaceuticals' founder used his resources to devise an alternative to the treatments that were then available for his mother. From this event, Femarelle®'s three popular supplements were born: Rejuvenate, Recharge, and Unstoppable.

Femarelle® Unstoppable provide women the support for which many post-menopausal women are searching. To assuage any concerns over the type of soy found in Femarelle® Unstoppable, this supplement does not contain any isoflavones extract, it is the gluten-free, glucose-free, non-GMO and the manufacturing is GMP, ISO-9001, and HACCP-certified.

Prof. Andrea Genazzani, the President of the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology, touts Femarelle® as the first line treatment for women that offers the benefits of hormonal therapy without the risks. Prof. Genazzani states: " With therapeutic options, such as Femarelle®, we will be able to bring women back into our clinics, embrace them and offer them long-term treatment… thereby gaining [a] healthier aging female population."

Femarelle® Unstoppable offers women entering into their 60s healthy aging without worry. They aim to arm women with the tools needed to remain unstoppable.

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