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Families Laugh And Dance Out Pandemic Frustrations With Upbeat Song

Free New Release from Dr. Mac Productions

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., July 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Millions of parents worldwide have children at home and are facing the unusual challenge of being cooped up with their kids for weeks on end. How can they make the best out of this stressful situation? What's the medicine for this?

"We Can Make It" is a high energy song that helps family members dance out and express their feelings of frustration about the situation, while still offering a strong sense of hope for the future.

Written and produced by Dr. Mac, the song, lyrics and a companion video of the performers are free and ready to download at Happy Kids Videos.   Give a listen and get ready to dance and sing along to this upbeat song and video that gets families and friends off the couch and moving!

Here's what people are saying: 

"OHHHH MYYYY GOSH. I LOVE this song!! You are a master at making the difficult fun and playful and all the while keeping values at the center! Just brilliant!" - Alia, age 32

"It's absolutely terrific. Besides the song itself, the musicians and singers are first-rate."  - John, age 41

"Fantastic song for the whole family! Unbelievably terrific! I love it and am going to forward it to a bunch of folks — even old farts!" - Patty, age 75

"WE CAN MAKE IT" (sample lyrics)             © 2020 by Dr. Mac

"The world's upside down but we can turn it around.

"Let's send hope and a prayer to everyone everywhere. 

"Things are unknown, but we're not alone.

"Together we'll do this. We can make it through this. We can make it."

This song came through powerful inspiration to Dr. Mac, and now it is his gift to the world. The production almost effortlessly attracted a highly talented team of musicians and performers in Hollywood's back yard, who gave voice to the many challenges that we all face during these turbulent times. The group hopes that this inspirational anthem will ignite a worldwide celebration of resilience, creativity, and oneness.

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Dr. Mac is a child psychologist specializing in creative projects for young children. Music director and songwriter for the PBS hit, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, he has written and produced Happy Kids Songs , an award-winning series of over 50 songs and activities that help boost character, social and emotional skills.

Co-author of highly acclaimed parenting books, his online course, Parenting Spirited Strong-Willed Kids , has been attended by over a thousand parents internationally. He also recently completed the script and music for an award-winning play, Elementary School Musical . Packed with humor, mystery and surprise, the story taps into a variety of challenging themes for kids today.

Dr. Mac and select performers are available for interviews.

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