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DSS's Impact Biomedical Provides Updates On Key Research Projects And Global Licensing Opportunities


ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Impact Biomedical Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Document Security Systems Inc. (NYSE American: DSS), today announced updates to several of its key research projects, including key collaborations, breakthroughs in treatment protocols and potential global licensing opportunities as a way to begin planning the next phase of its research agenda and position itself as a global leader in the future of biotech.

Mr. Chan Heng Fai, Chairman of Document Security Systems, said "All of these products show DSS' commitment to innovation and a stronger future to practical biotechnology that helps all people."

Working with its advanced scientific research unit, Global Research & Discovery Group Sciences (GRDG), Impact Biomedical Inc. has laid the groundwork for a future that is focused on scientifically-tested, high-impact solutions to global problems that humans face across the world. "Each of these products — from antibiotics to food preservation to creating new ways to develop medicines — are on the cutting edge of biotechnology and will provide a strong foundation for future discoveries through Impact Biomedical and GRDG that are designed to make the world safer, help people have better quality of life, and raise the bar for what is possible," said Frank Heuszel, the President of Impact Biomedical, Inc.

Impact Biomedical will continue to drive mission-oriented research and development that advances drug discovery to the next level with GRDG and Daryl Thompson as the lead. "I believe the research world needs a renaissance where innovation and imagination are the key to a biotechnical future that will help the global community face increased biological threats. The research projects outlined are part of the pathway for Impact Biomedical to become a significant leader in that respect," said Daryl Thompson, Impact Biomedical's Director of Scientific Initiatives and founder of GRDG Sciences, LLC.

Dr. Roscoe M. Moore, Jr., GRDG's Chief Scientific Advisor, United States Assistant Surgeon General (Retired) and former Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Officer at U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that these projects have the potential to already make a difference in the world. "The project updates announced by Impact Biomedical, Inc. today offer some of the most innovative and creative ways to meet needs that people face every day. It also points us toward new projects that will keep us active for years to come."

Research projects:

Impact Biomedical, GRDG Sciences team up with Thomas Swan & Co. The research collaboration between Impact Biomedical, Inc., GRDG Sciences and Thomas Swan & Co. will study Procombin, a plant-based preservation booster agent designed with the the intention of increasing effectiveness of antibiotics, preservatives, and other antimicrobials. The research will study Procombin's effectiveness for use in multiple applications, including household, institutional, and personal care products.

CRST-1 research results expected to be published soon Completed research on CRST-1, a probe molecule designed to accompany traditional cancer treatments to increase the effectiveness of certain cancer medications used is currently being peer-reviewed by a major U.S. University. According to the research, it was shown to inhibit PIM 1 and PIM 3 with IC50s 0.00014 M and 0.00018 M, respectively, in pre-clinical cell phosphorylation assays. CRST-1 is nontoxic and has yet shown no adverse side effects. The latest research results are expected to be published by the end of summer 2021.

Quantum Adjuvants in testing phase take aim at Patent Cliff Research for Quantum Adjuvants is currently underway, and data should be available by the end of summer 2021. Quantum Adjuvants hold the possibility of a new way to make effective drugs and help de-escalate a looming patent cliff crisis in the biomedical industry. Quantum Adjuvants may hold a key for developing new medicines through the development of a new form of squalene that is more consistent and, possibly, more effective.

Vanexn study nearing completion before determining next steps Vanexn is a food preservative that, in our early studies, successfully inhibited proliferation of Aspergillus Niger, Talaromyces Pinophilus and Candida Albicans. The substance was discovered by GRDG during previous research in the Florida Everglades and potentially fills a need for new and more effective food preservatives. To deploy Vanexn in the food supply, the current formula is being researched to be positioned in bread and baked goods to reduce spoilage and improve shelf life. 

The current study is nearing completion. The results of the study will help Impact Biomedical determine the next steps for Vanexn.

Projects ready for global licensing:

Equivir in discussions for global license in a variety of products Equivir is a novel blend of patented FDA Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) eligible polyphenols that have demonstrated antiviral effects as well as potential applications as a health supplement or medication. Initial research indicated a possible effectiveness as an anti-viral agent and to reduce an inflammatory response.

Equivir functions to block viral infection and subsequent replication in host cells. Equivir has demonstrated effectiveness in in-vitro studies inhibiting viral infections and SARS COV2. Equivir showed to have broad antiviral efficacy against multiple types of Influenza, Rhinovirus, Cholera, Ebola, and COVID-19 within the studies. Additional research on Equivir's effectiveness in causing prophylactic effects in COVID has started.

We are in discussions for a global license of Equivir with formulations currently being created in a variety of products. 

Linebacker available for global licensing after awarded recent international patent Linebacker, a patented therapeutic medication, was issued an international patent in April 2021, which is currently available for global licensing.

Linebacker was created to shadow the Panacea Project, a U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) program to provide novel, multi-target therapeutics for unmet physiological needs. It has demonstrated compelling pre-clinical results against SARS and MERS in previous laboratory testing. Linebacker has demonstrated in-vitro effectiveness in neurological diseases including Parkinson's, many types of cancer, and multiple pathogens such as MRSA, E. coli, Cholera, A. baumannii, Influenza, SARS, MERS, Malaria, and Ebola.

Laetose under negotiations for global licensing Laetose is the focus of a new study being conducted to better understand the positive effects of the substance on those with metabolic syndrome and diabetes. It is derived from a unique patented combination effort to address the negative impacts of excess sugar intake, and therefore being investigated to fight obesity and diabetes.

3F Biofragrance open for global licensing and licensing tech 3F Biofragrance was designed for the Open-Air Defense Initiative, a strategy to protect large numbers of people where they gather, including containment areas, ports of entry, train stations, airports, convention centers, offices, schools, and hospitals. In our research studies, preliminary results show 3F DEET Booster was significantly more effective than DEET. 3F Antiviral has shown to be effective against E. coli, MRSA, Influenza, Rhinovirus, Tuberculosis, and COVID-19. 3F, which was issued a patent in April 2021, is believed to have applications, in normal household products such as laundry detergents, in shampoos, in high-end cosmetics, and in skincare products.

About Impact Biomedical, Inc. Impact Biomedical, Inc. ("Impact Biomedical") is a wholly owned subsidiary of DSS. Impact Biomedical strives to leverage its scientific know-how and intellectual property rights to provide solutions that have been plaguing the biomedical field for decades. By tapping into the scientific expertise of GRDG Sciences, LLC, Impact Biomedical pledges to undertake a concerted effort in the R&D, drug discovery and development for the prevention, inhibition, and treatment of neurological, oncological and immuno related diseases. For more information on Impact Biomedical visit

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