Demos Applauds Biden's Executive Order Aimed At Facilitating Voter Registration, Urges Strong Follow-Through

New Mandate, signed on 56th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday, Requires Federal Agencies to Develop Strategies for Registering Voters
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NEW YORK, March 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Progressive think tank Demos issued a statement on Sunday after President Joseph R. Biden  announced an Executive Order aimed at increasing voter registration. Under the order, federal agencies must develop and submit plans outlining how they will assist in promoting voter registration for eligible persons they serve. Agencies must submit their plans to the White House within the next 200 days. 

The Executive Order represents an important step forward on an  initiative Demos promoted as a priority for the Biden-Harris administration during the presidential transition and has been a focal point of the think tank's work  for many years. 

In response to the President's announcement, Demos released the following statement from Brenda Wright, Interim Director of Legal Strategies at Demos:

Statement of Brenda Wright, Interim Director of Legal Strategies at Demos:

"On this 56th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, when in 1965 state troopers in Alabama violently assaulted peaceful protesters marching for the right to vote, we welcome the actions President Biden has announced to move us toward a more inclusive multiracial democracy. President Biden has opened the door to mobilize our national government's existing programs and resources to ensure more Americans can participate in elections. The Executive Order he has announced can help millions of Americans — many of them Black, brown and indigenous people who too often face obstacles to voter registration — push past a key barrier to the ballot. 

"The late Congressman John Lewis bore the scars of the Bloody Sunday assault until the day he died. It is fitting that this pledge of federal support for voter registration comes on the first commemoration of Bloody Sunday since his passing. We must honor his legacy by working tirelessly to ensure that the promise of this Executive Order is fulfilled.

"Demos looks forward to working with the White House and key federal agencies to help agencies develop the strongest possible voter registration plans and secure designation as official National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) agencies—the best way to ensure robust voter registration services. Our experience in promoting voter registration through state agencies has demonstrated the enormous potential of agency-based registration to add millions of eligible persons to the voting rolls.

"Demos also applauds President Biden's strong support for transformative legislation such as the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act while announcing today's Executive Order. Executive action is necessary but not sufficient to make our democracy more free and fair—especially in the face of a relentless and racist push by partisan politicians to shrink an electorate they fear."

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