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Crowdfunding Platform Crowdpac Is The Social Network For Politics

Robust New Features Connect Users and Campaigns to Each Other

WASHINGTON, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A month ahead of the November election and on the day of the Vice-Presidential debate, political crowdfunding platform Crowdpac announced a robust set of new features, squarely establishing itself as the only social network exclusively for politics. Beginning today, Crowdpac users can follow, engage, and communicate with other users, as well as campaigns or causes of interest to them, without leaving the platform. In addition, campaigns now have access to new tools to identify and communicate with supporters.

Crowdfunding Platform Crowdpac is the Social Network for Politics

"As the 2020 election enters the crucial final phase, people are tired of being bombarded with political messaging on traditional social networks," said Royal Kastens, CEO of Crowdpac. "People are also exhausted by those around them posting all the time, while doing nothing. On Crowdpac, you can not only post, but you can actually do something just like our 4 million members who have been effecting change since 2014."

In addition to launching its new social network features, Crowdpac added tools to make it easier for campaigns to reach potential donors and voters. With Crowdpac Share, new share buttons have been added to all campaign pages. With one click, members and campaigns can share to their networks within Crowdpac, by SMS, email, and Twitter, Facebook, and all other major social networks. Candidates can now upload email and phone numbers and send free emails and SMS texts directly from their Crowdpac dashboard. 

On Crowdpac, campaigns and users can now:

  • Create status posts with protest or endorse tags that go directly to the main news feed
  • Send messages using SMS and email to all your contacts
  • Support and follow politicians and political groups
  • Directly lobby politicians for causes or actions you care about
  • Expand their influence—every federal campaign is now featured on Crowdpac
  • Raise money for any political candidate or objective
  • Follow a new and improved national news feed
  • Watch Crowdpac TV for candidate and cause-related videos
  • Create petitions with action buttons for change
  • Use Crowdpac Share to spread the word on ten social media networks
  • Direct message and chat with millions of Crowdpac members

In addition, campaigns can access these additional tools:

  • Crowdpac TV for candidate and causes to create and post related videos
  • Integrated SMS and email capabilities within the Crowdpac platform
  • Virtual campaign rallies with real-time Q&A to drive donations and build support
  • Virtual debates (coming soon)

Crowdpac was launched in 2014 to support progressive candidates and causes and to date has raised $17 million. To learn more, visit

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