CloudEngage Announces Personalized Carousels, Helping Savvy Marketers Dramatically Increase Website Conversion Rates

Ends "carousel roulette" and allows marketers to optimize carousel slides based on a web visitor's location, behaviors, intent, audience segments, weather, specific campaigns, and more.
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SPOKANE, Wash., Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- CloudEngage, the People Engagement Company, has added another simple, innovative way to drive website conversion to their award-winning product suite.

It's not uncommon to see an excess of non-targeted carousel slides on websites. Studies indicate that most web visitors only view the first two slides, with a significant drop-off beyond that. Further, the primary slides lack the precise messaging generally required to drive visitors to take action. To solve for this, CloudEngage created a clean-sheet carousel solution that benefits from their years of experience in the web personalization space. Easy-to-use and compatible with any CMS, the personalized carousel can be deployed and converting in minutes. By understanding each web visitor, CloudEngage delivers one-to-one carousel experiences, dramatically increasing conversion.

"Until now, marketers have been forced to play carousel roulette with their web visitors. It's an outdated strategy that really hurts conversion," said Paul Wagner, CloudEngage CEO. "Web visitors don't have the time to watch every slide, making it essential to leverage personalization. Carousels occupy the most premium real-estate on marketing websites, and they can be far more effective when they're highly relevant for each visitor."

Easy to deploy and simple to use

"Our focus has always been to make personalization easy," said Scott Rozic, CloudEngage Chief Growth Officer & President. "The hero carousel is a web standard, and with personalization powering the experience we've turned wasted screen real estate into a high-converting placement. This makes it incredibly easy to personalize the most important lever that brands use in communicating to their visitors."

Stop playing carousel roulette with web traffic

With the CloudEngage personalized carousel builder, every slide is optimized on a visitor-by-visitor basis. Where there's a clear call-to-action on a personalized slide, the data demonstrates that a doubling or even tripling of web conversion rates is possible.

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