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Carzato Announces Launch Of Online Retailing Experience (ORE) To Satisfy Explosive Demand

Digital retailing era led to meteoric growth of California-based automotive services provider, Carzato

SAN MARINO, Calif., May 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Carzato, an automotive online services provider announces its Online Retailing Experience ( ORE) platform, an industry-first cross-tier and brand-customizable online car-buying tool that routes high-intent shoppers directly to dealer online retailing tools.

Regardless of where people are shopping - brand website, dealer website, Social Media, CRM email, search, display and video campaigns - ORE provides a consistent and efficient experience to the car-buyer, while generating incremental, high closing leads to the dealers.

"Last year we started with one brand," said Javier O. Ruiz, Carzato's CEO . "Since the global pandemic, we accelerated our efforts to provide a fully integrated, brand-specific solution. Today, we are servicing over 2,600 dealerships across 6 automotive brands. Our ORE platform is helping dealers and OEMs take advantage of the 'new car-buying experience.' Within a month of launching, these brands are collecting more high-closing leads than ever. And during this difficult period, they are collecting more leads, more online sales…ultimately contributing to increases in market share."

Carzato works closely with automakers and their dealers to provide a unique platform that offers advanced customization to meet highly-specific needs. The digital experience is fully modular and white-label ready, including:

Customizable high-converting landing pages and CTAs VIN-specific dealer pricing Dealer choice of Trade-In Valuation and F&I Products Dealer-customized Service & Protection Plans/Pricing

Unlike other digital retailing solutions rushing to fulfill demand, Carzato's platform was built to be modular and flexible, allowing both OEMs and dealers to integrate existing retail tools into the platform. The result is a high performing retailing experience that does not require dealers upend their existing and proven sales processes. Creative delivery can also be tailored to the specific needs of each brand with messaging that is both relevant and targeted to the intended audience.

About CARZATOCarzato is a California based automotive service provider in Fintech, offering an integrated and customized online car-buying process for dealers to connect with their customers. Carzato's Online Retailing Experience (ORE) saves time for both dealership and customer, increases quality leads and thus sales improvement. For more information, please visit

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