Boostball Takes Sustainability Seriously

The Flourishing U.K. Keto Brand Has Made Sure That All Of Its Products Are Lovingly Wrapped In Recyclable Or Compostable Packaging
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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Boostball is a health-conscious snack brand that is serious about responsibility. Along with helping its customers stick to their health goals, the company has also committed itself to impact the Earth as minimally as possible. This has manifested in an impressive push for sustainability, particularly with the brand's product packaging efforts.

Boostball is an organization that is out to change the world. This started with the simple idea of "fewer ingredients and more protein." The goal of creating a healthy snack that used clean ingredients, was beneficial for the body, and actually tasted good wasn't necessarily a new concept. But pulling it off took a great deal of skill — skill that founder Steve Bessant happens to have in spades.

Bessant's resulting line of products took the world by storm. Brand awareness started to grow as Boostball became a household name in the U.K. and elsewhere. A keto-focused line of bites, shakes, and powders followed in 2020, and soon Bessant and his growing brand had become emerging international health and wellness icons.

Throughout this meteoric journey, the message has remained steadily consistent: to provide clean, nutritious, delicious snacks that were both convenient to access and sustainably made.

It's that last point that is the easiest to overlook. All eyes tend to focus on Boostball's delectable options and nutritional information. Nevertheless, it's the company's quiet devotion to sustainability that remains an integral part of the bedrock of its commitment to quality — and, by extension, its success.

This sustainable desire can be most clearly seen in the effort to keep its wrappers and packaging eco-friendly. The snack industry is notorious for the excessive creation of waste products. Smaller food portions often require higher quantities of packaging, which too often ends up in a landfill refusing to decompose.

Bessant has ensured that the entire range of his company's products is lovingly wrapped in packaging that is either biodegradable or recyclable. This creates an ideal end-point to an elite customer experience. It also falls perfectly in line with the Boostball brand's passionate commitment to "Solve lots of problems in day-to-day life."

About Boostball: Boostball was founded by Steve Bessant in 2016. The U.K. health and wellness brand started out as a manufacturer of protein-based snacks. In 2020, after multiple years of sustained success, Boostball expanded its product offerings to include a robust keto-focused line of snacks, as well. The enterprise is now a premier player in the largely untapped U.K. keto market and is now available in 36 different countries, including the United States.

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