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Body Mechanix Is Announcing $99 Memberships -- With 4 Locations To Choose From, You Are Bound To Find The Perfect Fit

Body Mechanix is filled with expert trainers who will guide you through your desired fitness journey. From personal training to group classes, Body Mechanix has it all. Don't miss out on this opportunity that Body Mechanix is offering for a short time.
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SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Body Mechanix, an industry leading fitness and personal training facility, is offering $99 memberships for a limited time this Holiday season.

"We emphasize proper body mechanics so that you can unlock your potential. We promote functional fitness to revolutionize how you move - in the gym and in life," said Mallory Gaston, CEO of Body Mechanix.

Body Mechanix offers a diverse and motivating workout environment. Personal training is top priority, while offering other membership options for the one that doesn't feel they need personal training. Body Mechanix is offering the $99 membership at all locations in San Francisco, Castro Valley and Oakland, CA.

"Our favorite aspect of training continues to be the exchange of perspectives between trainers and clients that expands our capacity and desire to coexist. By prioritizing connection and care, we discover the depth and diversity of good in ourselves and one another so that we can become better individuals and a better community," said Mallory Gaston, CEO of Body Mechanix. 

For those interested in joining Body Mechanix for $99 can contact Body Mechanix by phone at (415) 993-0810 or visit

About Body Mechanix Body Mechanix was founded in 2005 by two individuals who wanted to make their community a better place. With their only location being a dining room at that time, Body Mechanix was created and exploded to be the fitness facility they are today.

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