Ardent Health Services Selects American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ Program In Enterprise-wide Agreement With HealthStream

HealthStream (Nasdaq: HSTM) announced today that Ardent Health Services has entered into an agreement with HealthStream to utilize the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ program, enterprise-wide, for resuscitation skills training and certification,...
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HealthStream (Nasdaq: HSTM) announced today that Ardent Health Services has entered into an agreement with HealthStream to utilize the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ program, enterprise-wide, for resuscitation skills training and certification, which will be provided through HealthStream's workforce platform. Ardent's selection of this program was driven by their high standards of clinical quality and commitment to continuously improve patient outcomes, including those involving in-hospital cardiac arrests.

"For the approximately 200,000 U.S. patients who experience in-hospital cardiac arrest each year, the probability of survival is enhanced by early recognition and the competent implementation of resuscitation," said Laurie S. Bigham, RN, FACHE, Chief Nursing Officer & Vice President, Ardent Health Services. "At Ardent hospitals, we set and achieve aggressive quality standards of care. We believe this is the best educational option available to further train our healthcare workforce on resuscitation competency."

The Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ program chosen by Ardent brings an updated, highly adaptive, competency-based solution to their healthcare teams, offering a new standard of resuscitation competency. Each of the three curricula (BLS, ALS, PALS) incorporates an adaptive, online learning approach with pre-assessments, facilitating more impactful, personalized learning plans with targeted competency development. This approach saves time, while increasing learning effectiveness and student engagement. Moreover, a series of instructive videos and simulations are incorporated in the curricula—using real-life physicians, nurses, and other healthcare staff working in actual hospitals, adding to the realism of the learning experience.

Ensuring competency of resuscitation knowledge and skills becomes more efficient, is achieved with higher quality learning effectiveness, and can be economically advantageous for health systems like Ardent with the adoption of the Red Cross Suite. In addition to the inherent flexibility added through an online education solution, HealthStream developed and added a new "Interval" technology in the program, which provides an option to set the frequency of skills training that is assigned to healthcare professionals. The Interval capability allows for more frequent practice of resuscitation skills to sustain optimal performance, a crucial factor in clinical staff competency when resuscitation is attempted on actual patients.

As one of the healthcare industry's most innovative hospital operators, Ardent Health operates 30 hospitals, 180 clinics, and employs 26,000 healthcare professionals across six states. Ardent facilities exceed national averages in Overall Hospital Quality Star Rating as ranked by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, with 80 percent of its hospitals received a three-star rating or above. In addition, Ardent hospitals have been recognized by Modern Healthcare's listing of the "Best Places to Work" for each of the last 13 years.

"Improving patients' survival of cardiac arrest in hospitals is driven by the people who deliver care to them—and I believe that's why Ardent chose the American Red Cross program for their healthcare professionals," said Robert A. Frist, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, HealthStream. "They have created a culture that values and rewards quality at every level, adopting evidence-based practices and supporting their healthcare professionals with the best possible resuscitation education with their selection of the Red Cross Suite."

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