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Apostle Crystal Moore Naylor Is Being Recognized By Continental Who's Who

BOWIE, Md., Oct.

BOWIE, Md., Oct. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Apostle Crystal Moore Naylor is being recognized by Continental Who's Who as a Distinguished Executive and Senior Pastor for her work at the Total Salvation Church.

Apostle Naylor is the Founder and President of the Total Salvation Church, located in Bowie, MD. She and her husband, Pastor Louis Naylor, felt called to start their church in 1996. Apostle Naylor preaches that her congregants will become FVIPs - people of Faith, Vision, Integrity, and Pure Hearts.

Apostle Naylor is an artist, author, poet, songwriter, and Christian playwright. She sells e-books and poems on her website,, which stands for Our Soon Coming King. She is the author of the e-books What Total Salvation Gives Through Jesus Christ the Son, Why Three Baptisms, Rapture! Victorious! Glorious! Church!, and Come Lord Jesus! Apostle Naylor sells color and black and white print versions of her poems, complete with illustrations. Throughout her literature and art, Apostle Naylor discusses Vision I and Vision II, which were messages sent to her by the Lord regarding the Rapture. She also writes about her love of Jesus Christ and her personal experiences working with members of her congregation. Apostle Naylor says her work will "greatly encourage you, as well as others, in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ."

Alongside her local ministry, Apostle Naylor has traveled to Nigeria, China, London, England, and Egypt to preach internationally. While meeting with people, she saves their souls, heals them, and encourages miracles, as parts of the Almighty God's Total Salvation Package.

To obtain her college education, Apostle Naylor earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education, followed by a Master's degree in Special Education. She is also a graduate of Bible College.

She is an anointed Christian Minister, and is ordained to the office of Apostle by the Christian International Apostolic Network, and the International Congress of Churches & Ministers.

Awarded for her work, the Copyright Office chose a drawing of the Rapture that Apostle Naylor drew for special recognition in 1996. She has been recognized on Who's Who Among American Colleges, PRWeb, and Cision News. Apostle Naylor was also featured in a Blog Talk Radio interview.

Apostle Crystal Moore Naylor's greatest desire is that everyone would accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. She also hopes that every Christian would be like the five wise virgins that Jesus Christ spoke of in Matthew 25:1-13, and be ready when Our Soon Coming King, Jesus Christ, comes to Rapture his Church.

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