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U.K. Election: Boris Johnson On Pace For Biggest Conservative Win Since Margaret Thatcher

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is on pace to win the biggest Conservative Party majority since Margaret Thatcher, paving the way for Britain to exit the European Union as early as next month.

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson looks set to win a commanding majority in the country's general election, according to the first official exit polls published by broadcasters in London.

Johnson's Conservative Party is forecast to win 368 seats, well ahead of the 326 need to hold a majority in the House of Commons. The results, if accurate, would give Johnson at least 50 seats more than former Prime Minister Theresa May won in her ill-fated election in 2017.

The result would also be the biggest Conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher's third election victory in 1987 and likely deliver enough votes to see Britain exit the European Union as early as next month. 

The opposition Labour Party, the exit poll suggests, could lose as many as 71 seats from is 2017 tally and fall to just 191, the worst result since the early 1980s, and one that would likely spell the end of the four year leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

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The U.K. pound, which had traded near a two-year high of 1.3241 prior to the start of voting earlier this morning in London, was marked 2.6% higher in late-hours trading immediately following the exit poll release -- the biggest single-session gain since January 2017 -- to change hands at 1.3511.

Against the euro, the pound traded at 82.845 pence, the highest level since July 2016.

Exit poll results in Scotland, meanwhile, point to an overwhelming victory for Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish National Party, which is poised to take 55 of the 59 seats in the country's devolved Parliament. 

That could trigger calls for a second referendum on Scottish independence, a cause championed by Sturgeon, following its defeat in 2014.