Trump Says Biden 'Won,' But ...

Twitter posts appear to acknowledge victory by Democratic rival, but renew claims of 'rigged' election

President Donald Trump appeared on Sunday to acknowledge in a Twitter post that his Democratic opponent won the 2020 presidential contest. But then he quickly pulled back on the statement.

"He won," wrote Trump in a post, but then qualified the declaration by saying that rival Joe Biden's victory was only "because the Election was Rigged." 

Later, Trump posted over Twitter that he still would not concede the election.

While the statements may cause both real and armchair psychologists to try to figure out which stage of grief Trump has reached -- acceptance, or still in denial -- his words are actually little changed from his position that the contest was somehow set up against him.

Trump's posts come more than a week after the 2020 presidential race was called for Biden and after additional ballot counting shows an even further lead by the Democrat.

Biden now has 306 total electoral votes vs. Trump's 232, according to Reuters' tally. The popular vote is also in the Democratic party's favor, at 78.7 million to 73.1 million. Nearly every state's count is more than 99% complete or more.

Despite the election loss, Trump has claimed that he won the contest and has blamed voter fraud, software, and the media for Biden's win.

Showing support for Trump, a huge demonstration -- called the Million MAGA March -- descended on Washington over the weekend to protest the election results. 

Biden is set to take office on Jan. 20, following the counting of votes by the states' electors next month.