The top three GOP candidates are all shameless liars, if you believe what they say about each other.

In one of the most boisterous and biting GOP debates so far this election season -- a bar that's higher than in almost any U.S. presidential election in recent memory -- real estate magnate Donald Trump and U.S. Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz criticized each other's veracity repeatedly.

Along with their likeability, electability, conservatism and intelligence.

Trump, the leader among the shrinking field of candidates, attempted to fend off attacks from both Rubio, who stood to his right, and Cruz, who stood to his left, by tossing dismissive barbs at both.

"This guy's a choke artist," he said, gesturing at Rubio. Then, pointing in the other direction: "And this guy's a liar."

Rubio, for his part, took pains to point out that the $10 billion fortune Trump boasts of possessing was built on a $200 million inheritance.

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"If he hadn't inherited $200 million, you know where he'd be right now?" asked Rubio, who represents Florida. "Selling watches in Manhattan."

Rubio also dismissed The Apprentice star's assertion that he'd start trade wars with both Mexico and China to make sure the U.S. doesn't lose business, arguing that garments bearing Trump's brand are manufactured in those countries. 

"You're going to start a trade war on your own ties and suits," he quipped.

Cruz, for his part, recycled Jeb Bush's criticism that Hillary Clinton would be commuting from the White House to the courthouse to field questions on her State Department e-mails for use against Trump. The billionaire, he said, would have a hard time focusing on the campaign because of his preoccupation with a class-action lawsuit over the now-defunct Trump University

Betting on Trump, he said, runs the risk of "having the Republican nominee on the stand, in court, being questioned about whether he has committed fraud."

Kasich, who's running a distant fourth as the Super Tuesday primaries loom, said the debates have descended to the point that a 12-year-old girl recently told him her mother might not let her watch them any more because of the name-calling.

So, who won this exciting Republican debate? You decide!