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) -- Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney spoke to a room of people in Keene, N.H. on Wednesday to address questions about taxes, "Obamacare" and the health care plan he enacted as a governor.

Romney initially sidestepped a question about legendary investor

Warren Buffett's recent op-ed article advocating raising taxes on the super-rich, instead talking about

other candidates' proposals for a flat tax.

Mitt Romney

The problem with flat taxes is that "they tend to lower the taxes for the very high-income people," Romney said. "I'm not looking to get wealthy people a tax cut, I'm trying to get little people to have a brighter future."

But Romney eventually circled back to the Buffett question but offered little of substance, saying: "Warren Buffett, bless his heart, I'm happy to sit down and discuss

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taxes with him."

States rights were central to Romney's town hall-style discussion about taxes and health care as he said that if elected president he would oppose Obamacare and grant a waiver to all 50 states. He also said that he'd take dollars the federal government spends on Medicaid and let the states allocate the funds.

One attendee asked the former

Bain Capital

executive if he regretted the decision to ratify the Massachusetts health care insurance reform law, which essentially required the state's residents to at least have health insurance coverage with the state government -- similar to the health care proposal President Barack Obama signed into law in 2010.

"What we did in Massachusetts I won't apologize for, because it was right for Massachusetts," Romney said. "It wasn't perfect...

but I will oppose Obamacare."

-- Written by Joe Deaux in New York.

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