Presidential Polls Index: Trump vs. Biden in Georgia Polls

Turn to TheStreet for the latest 2020 election polls in battleground states between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Follow the latest for Georgia and other key states.

With less than three weeks before Election Day and early voting already in progress in several states, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are traveling the country to battleground states to try and swing this election in their favor.

Trump and Biden participated in dueling town halls with the former Vice President speaking to voters on ABC. It was described as refreshingly dull with one Trump advisor likening Biden's town hall to an episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Probably not the best comparison when you're trying to win Rogers' home state Pennsylvania.

NBC agreed to have President Trump on their own town hall at the same time as Biden's to some backlash. Much of the Trump town hall reactions were centered around NBC's Savannah Guthrie questioning and holding Trump accountable for retweeting controversial conspiracy theories.

Jim Cramer has been spending the month of October talking about what this election could mean for the stock market. Cramer shared his stock winners and losers for each candidate. He also shared what three stocks he would be watching after the election including PepsiCo  (PEP) - Get PepsiCo, Inc. Report and what that means for the market.

TheStreet compiled an index of the key states to follow in the 2020 presidential election and the latest polling averages from Real Clear Politics. Here are some of the latest changes in the Presidential Polls Index.

States Trump Improved: Alaska, Florida, Minnesota, Pennsylvania

States Biden Improved: Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire

TheStreet Presidential Polls Index Oct. 16 Edition

Presidential Polls Index

Real Clear Politics

State2020 RCP Polling Avg.2016 RCP Polling Avg.2016 Polling Result


Trump +4.8

Trump +7.4

Trump +15.2


Biden +3.8

Trump +4.0

Trump +3.5


Biden +1.4

Trump +0.4

Trump +1.2


Biden +1.2

Trump +4.8

Trump +5.1


Biden +1.2

Trump +3.0

Trump +9.5


Biden +7.2

Clinton +3.6

Trump +0.3


Biden +6.6

Clinton +5.0

Clinton +1.5


Trump +6.1

Trump +9.5

Trump +18.5


Biden +6.4

Trump +0.8

Clinton +2.4

New Hampshire

Biden +11.4

Clinton +0.3

Clinton +8.3

North Carolina

Biden +2.7

Trump +0.8

Trump +3.6


Biden +0.6

Trump +2.2

Trump +8.1


Biden +5.6

Clinton +2.1

Trump +0.7

South Carolina

Trump +7.3

Trump +6.3

Trump +14.1


Trump +4.4

Trump +11.7

Trump +9.0


Biden +6.3

Clinton +6.5

Trump +0.7

Georgia Snapshot

Trump was in "The Heart of Georgia" Macon, Georgia Friday night for another rally to generate excitement before Election Day.

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Trump won Georgia in 2016 by over 5% and it's hard to imagine "The Peach State" turning blue. The governor and both Senators for the state are Republicans.

The gubernatorial race in 2018 between Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams opened some eyes when Kemp only beat Abrams by 0.4%. Abrams felt voter suppression tactics contributed to her loss and started a voter protection program called Fair Fight to fight voter suppression.

Despite Biden's lead in recent polling, winning Georgia will be a tough challenge for any Democrat. Trump losing the state would be a surprise since polling has both Republican candidates for Senate favored in their races.

I still think Trump is favored in the state despite the recent numbers. Consider this a must-win state for Trump and if Georgia turns blue, we will know the winner of this election a lot sooner than we thought we would.

What's at Stake: 16 Electoral Votes

Last Day to Register to Vote in Florida: Oct. 5 - Registration Closed

Early Voting: Starts Oct. 12 - Ends Oct. 30

Election Day Time: Nov. 3, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. - More Information

Key Senate Races: Yes

Key House Races: Yes