Presidential Polls Index: Biden Leads Trump in Key Swing States

The final polls for the 2020 election are closed. Turn to TheStreet for a summary of what the polls are saying as Americans vote Tuesday for their president for the next four years.

It's Election Day. The year is 2020. And Wednesday we may wake up not knowing who the president will be in the new year.

According to the U.S. Elections Project, 98.7 Million Americans already have already voted in this year's election as of Monday. That is more than 75% of the total vote in the 2016 election.

Hopefully, by the end of the week the U.S. will know who is leading the country in the new year. Many are predicting that Biden is in the best position to win.

If that's the case, Jim Cramer shared the stocks he is buying if Biden wins the presidency.

Cramer said it doesn't matter who wins, he sees stocks going up under either Trump or Biden in the White House.

Fisher Investments discussed what history tells investors about markets and the election. They also shared tips for trading during the election season.

TheStreet compiled an index of the key states to follow in the 2020 presidential election and the latest polling averages from Real Clear Politics and FiveThirtyEight. Here are some of the latest changes in the Presidential Polls Index.

States Trump Improved: Alaska, Iowa, Missouri, Nevada

States Biden Improved: Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, Wisconsin

Presidential Polls Index States Trump Is Projected to Win: 6 States

Presidential Polls Index States Biden Is Projected to Win: 10 States

TheStreet Presidential Polls Index Nov. 3 Edition

Presidential Polls Index

Five Thirty Eight

State2020 RCP Polling Avg.2016 RCP Polling Avg.2016 Polling Result


Trump +8.4%

Trump +7.4

Trump +15.2


Biden +2.6%

Trump +4.0

Trump +3.5


Biden +2.5%

Trump +0.4

Trump +1.2


Biden +1.1%

Trump +4.8

Trump +5.1


Trump +1.5%

Trump +3.0

Trump +9.5


Biden +8.2%

Clinton +3.6

Trump +0.3


Biden +9.1%

Clinton +5.0

Clinton +1.5


Trump +9.5%

Trump +9.5

Trump +18.5


Biden +4.1%

Trump +0.8

Clinton +2.4

New Hampshire

Biden +10.6%

Clinton +0.3

Clinton +8.3

North Carolina

Biden +1.9%

Trump +0.8

Trump +3.6


Trump +0.6%

Trump +2.2

Trump +8.1


Biden +4.9%

Clinton +2.1

Trump +0.7

South Carolina

Trump +7.5%

Trump +6.3

Trump +14.1


Trump +1.5%

Trump +11.7

Trump +9.0


Biden +8.3%

Clinton +6.5

Trump +0.7

Will 2020 Be Different Than 2016?

If you see any story or poll shared on social media, you will see several replies talking about how wrong pollsters were in 2016. Trump's surprising win in 2016 has created doubt in every polling result published in this election cycle.

How many states did the average polling get wrong in 2016? Four.

Three of the states went for Trump with Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin swinging to Trump on Election Day. One state went in Hillary Clinton's favor - Nevada.

The states Biden and Trump supporters should watch closely on Tuesday are Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Winning those states most likely will secure the nomination.

There are many close races in states that most likely will be won by Trump. Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas must be won by Trump to secure enough electoral votes.

FiveThirtyEight pollster Nate Silver spoke about what Trump's chances are this election and if 2020 is any different. Silver said there's still a chance Trump can win this election but the polls would need to be even more wrong than they were four years ago.

Can Biden justify his leads in the polling published before the election or will the reply guys in every poll's comment section be right about every poll being meaningless?

American voters will answer that question. Election Day is here everyone. Good luck.