Presidential Polls Index: The 'Liberate Michigan' Disaster

Turn to TheStreet for the latest 2020 election polls in battleground states between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Follow the latest for Michigan and other key states.

President Donald Trump is still recovering from his trip to Walter Reed Medical Center after testing positive for Covid-19 last week. As of Thursday, 26 people in the past week have tested positive for coronavirus associated with a potential outbreak at the White House.

Trump is eager to get back on the campaign trail but will wait until Monday to start holding campaign events, according to Fox News.

The next scheduled debate between Trump and Joe Biden was scheduled to take place on Oct. 15, but after the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that it would be a virtual debate Trump balked at that decision. The most likely date for the next debate will be Oct. 22, but Trump only will take part in in-person debates, according to the Associated Press.

Trump will need to visit several battleground states in the next 24 days before Election Day.

TheStreet compiled an index of the key states to follow in the 2020 presidential election and the latest polling averages from Real Clear Politics. Here are some of the latest changes in the Presidential Polls Index.

States Added: Alaska, Missouri, South Carolina

States Removed: Maine, New Mexico, Virginia

States Trump Improved: Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, Texas

States Biden Improved: Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Nevada

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TheStreet Presidential Polls Index Oct. 9 Edition

Presidential Polls Index

Real Clear Politics

State2020 RCP Polling Avg.2016 RCP Polling Avg.2016 Polling Result


Trump +4.5

Trump +7.4

Trump +15.2


Biden +3.1

Trump +4.0

Trump +3.5


Biden +3.7

Trump +0.4

Trump +1.2



Trump +4.8

Trump +5.1


Biden +1.4

Trump +3.0

Trump +9.5


Biden +6.7

Clinton +3.6

Trump +0.3


Biden +9.4

Clinton +5.0

Clinton +1.5


Trump +5.6

Trump +9.5

Trump +18.5


Biden +6.0

Trump +0.8

Clinton +2.4

New Hampshire

Biden +9.0

Clinton +0.3

Clinton +8.3

North Carolina

Biden +1.4

Trump +0.8

Trump +3.6


Biden +0.6

Trump +2.2

Trump +8.1


Biden +7.1

Clinton +2.1

Trump +0.7

South Carolina

Trump +5.4

Trump +6.3

Trump +14.1


Trump +4.4

Trump +11.7

Trump +9.0


Biden +5.5

Clinton +6.5

Trump +0.7

Michigan Snapshot

This week we will highlight Michigan - another state that Hillary Clinton was projected to win but went for Trump in the 2016 election. Michigan has been in the news this week after the FBI charged 13 individuals with plots against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Two separate domestic terrorist groups were coordinating against Whitmer, with one group planning to kidnap Whitmer and the other seeking to start a "civil war."

Whitmer and Biden partially blamed Trump for the rise in domestic terrorist groups like the ones that were arrested Thursday. Trump was critical of Whitmer during lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic, tweeting "Liberate Michigan".

Biden holds a comfortable +6.7 polling lead over Trump in the Wolverine State, with Biden increasing his lead this week. Clinton did have a +3.6 lead in polling prior to the 2016 election and ended up losing by +0.3.

What's at Stake: 16 Electoral Votes

Last Day to Register to Vote in Michigan: Oct. 19 - Register here

Early Voting: Starts Sept. 24 - Ends Nov. 2

Election Day Time: Nov. 3, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. - More Information

Key Senate Races: Yes

Key House Races: Yes