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Presidential Polls Index: Trump Needs to Rally in North Carolina

North Carolina is a pivotal swing state in this election. Turn to TheStreet for the latest 2020 election polls in battleground states between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is still leading the polls in several battleground states while Donald Trump tries to close the gap with a little over a week left before Election Day.

Trump and Biden had their final debate Thursday night. A lot of soundbites were supplied but it's doubtful that it moves the needle for either candidate.

Jim Cramer shared the stocks he is buying if Biden wins the presidency.

Fisher Investments discussed what history tells investors about markets and the election. They also shared tips for trading during the election season.

TheStreet compiled an index of the key states to follow in the 2020 presidential election and the latest polling averages from Real Clear Politics. Here are some of the latest changes in the Presidential Polls Index.

States Trump Improved: Minnesota, Alaska, North Carolina, Florida

States Biden Improved: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona

TheStreet Presidential Polls Index Oct. 24 Edition

Presidential Polls Index

Real Clear Politics

State2020 RCP Polling Avg.2016 RCP Polling Avg.2016 Polling Result


Trump +5.7

Trump +7.4

Trump +15.2


Biden +2.4

Trump +4.0

Trump +3.5


Biden +1.5

Trump +0.4

Trump +1.2


Biden +1.2

Trump +4.8

Trump +5.1


Biden +0.8

Trump +3.0

Trump +9.5


Biden +7.8

Clinton +3.6

Trump +0.3


Biden +6.0

Clinton +5.0

Clinton +1.5


Trump +6.3

Trump +9.5

Trump +18.5


Biden +5.2

Trump +0.8

Clinton +2.4

New Hampshire

Biden +10.8

Clinton +0.3

Clinton +8.3

North Carolina

Biden +1.5

Trump +0.8

Trump +3.6


Trump +0.6

Trump +2.2

Trump +8.1


Biden +5.1

Clinton +2.1

Trump +0.7

South Carolina

Trump +7.1

Trump +6.3

Trump +14.1


Trump +4.0

Trump +11.7

Trump +9.0


Biden +4.6

Clinton +6.5

Trump +0.7

North Carolina Snapshot

The demographics in North Carolina have changed in recent years. It has become another intriguing state in the 2020 election cycle.

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North Carolina is one of the leading states in tech job growth in the U.S. joining states like California, New York, Texas, and Florida. That's good company to be in when it comes to job growth. These demographic changes have made this a more competitive state.

North Carolina also has a spicy Senate race happening this election that is growing tighter each day after a scandal was reported earlier in October. Democrat Cal Cunningham decided to play a real-life Councilman Bill Dexhart from the show Parks and Recreation and had an extramarital affair.

Despite the scandal, Cunningham is polling better against incumbent Thom Tillis than Biden is polling against Trump in the state.

This makes North Carolina one of the states you must watch on Election Day because of the implications it will have on the Senate majority.

What's at Stake: 15 Electoral Votes

Last Day to Register to Vote in North Carolina: Oct. 9 - Registration Closed

Early Voting: Starts Oct. 15 - Ends Oct. 31

Election Day Time: Nov. 3, 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. - More Information

Key Senate Races: Yes

Key House Races: Yes