Over half of Americans disapprove of President Donald Trump's leadership and six in 10 feel the nation is on the wrong track, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll out just days after the temporary end to the month-long partial government shutdown.

The good news for Trump is that 51% of people approve of his handling of the economy. Also, his approval rating of 43% remains largely unchanged, despite more Americans blaming him than Congress for the shutdown, according to coverage of the poll by the two news services.

Just before the shutdown began in the days prior to Christmas, Trump had said he would be "proud" to take responsibility for shutting down the government in his fight for his central campaign promise: building a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico.

The nation apparently took him at his word, as half of the poll's respondents felt he was to blame for the shutdown that withheld paychecks for some 800,000 federal workers in the longest shutdown so far in America's history. Only 37% of Americans felt Democratic lawmakers -- who wouldn't budge on the $5.7 billion in wall funding -- were to blame.

The survey was taken from Jan. 19 to 23, just days before Trump announced the government would open for three weeks while the debate over how to best secure the nation's borders continues.

But the deal to reopen the government only extends through Feb. 15, and over the weekend the White House signaled it could continue the shutdown if negotiations don't go the president's way, which could further erode America's outlook.

When asked if Trump would be prepared to shut down the government again, Mick Mulvaney, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, told CBS News' Face The Nation, "I think he actually is."

"I think the President wants his $5.7 billion," Mulvaney, also told Fox News Sunday. On both programs, however, he said that Trump's first preference would be to make a deal with Congress.

But in a damning sign for the president, 63% of the Wall Street Journal and NBC News survey's respondents said they believe that America is on the wrong track, and most of them believe the nation is a "disaster," in "disarray," "shambles" or "turmoil," or a similar standing. 

"Times are grim," Peter Hart, a Democratic pollster who conducted the poll with Republican Bill McInturff, told NBC News. "The shutdown is front and center."