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Russian Prime Minister Submits Resignation as Putin Introduces Proposals to Keep Power

Vladimir Putin isn't due to step down until 2024 at the end of his fourth term as president.
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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev submitted his resignation to President Vladimir Putin just hours after Putin unveiled proposals to change the constitution in a way that will allow him to hold onto power after his current term expires.

Putin is following up on an announcement he made in December suggesting that he would increase parliamentary power, potentially in an effort to create a new position for himself at the top of the Russian government once he steps down in 2024. 

Putin's first term as president was in 1999. Medvedev took over as president in 2008, as the Russian constitution only allowed Putin to serve no more than two consecutive terms, but handed the position back to Putin in 2012. 

Medvedev has served as prime minister since 2012. He will serve in a new position as a deputy head of the presidential Security Council. 

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