) -- President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night amounted to more than 7,400 words and jobs, taxes and energy came in as the top three issue words that drove the president's annual speech to Congress.


noted in an earlier article that the past four

presidents frequently mentioned the word "tax" or a form of it in a State of the Union address during their re-election years.

Obama used "tax" or a version of it

34 times Tuesday, far surpassing the 21 times Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush uttered it in 1984 and 2004, respectively.

"Right now, we're poised to spend nearly $1 trillion more on what was supposed to be a temporary tax break for the wealthiest 2% of Americans. Right now, because of loopholes and shelters in the tax code, a quarter of all millionaires pay lower tax rates than millions of middle-class households. Right now, Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary," Obama said Tuesday in a pivotal tax section of his speech.

The top tax rate on regular income has risen to 40%, up from 35% when Obama won the 2008 presidential election, while the top rate on capital gains has increased to 20%, up from 15% in 2008, according to


Job creation was a priority in Obama's address as the word jobs appeared as many times as the word American -- 33 times.

Though the words jobs, tax (23 mentions) and energy (23 mentions) were the top hot-button policy words, there were other buzzwords that made the top 10.

These were the top 10 words and their count: American -- 33 times; jobs -- 33 times; America -- 32 times; new -- 27 times; right -- 26 times; people -- 23 times; energy -- 23 times; tax -- 23 times; Americans -- 20 times; and world -- 20 times.

Some other notable words spoken by Obama Tuesday included Congress -- 15 times; businesses -- 13 times; economy --12 times; workers --12 times; and oil -- 10 times.

-- Written by Joe Deaux in New York.

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