The House of Representatives voted late Tuesday to prevent President Trump from reallocating government funds to build part of his often-promised border wall with Mexico, according to published reports.

The measure passed the Democratic-controlled house by a vote of 245-182, The Wall Street Journal reported. Some Republicans joined in supporting the measure which seeks in part to reassert congressional control over government spending decisions.

Trump has already promised to veto the measure if it reaches his desk.

That appears to be more likely to happen, as the Republican-controlled Senate is moving towards approving the measure passed by the House.

Trump declared a national emergency earlier this month to justify taking funds from other projects to spend on the wall.

The U.S. government went into a month-long shutdown starting in December, when Congress, then completely under the control of Republicans, refused to allocate funds for the wall.

Trump repeatedly promised that Mexico would pay for the wall during the 2016 presidential campaign.