Updated from July 21 with additional product photos.

Showing up at the Republican convention with Hillary gear to sell is like bringing a gun to a knife fight -- or is it? A few bold vendors are giving it a try.

The streets of Cleveland are swarmed with tables of Donald Trump-themed gear for the Republican National Convention this week. "Trump-Pence 2016" and "Make America Great Again" memorabilia is abundant, as are items with more unique slogans -- "We Shall Overcomb" buttons, for example.

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Gear bearing Trump rival Hillary Clinton's name is up for sale too; the running theme appears to be "Hillary for Prison 2016." But every once in a while, a pro-Hillary -- and even anti-Trump -- item pops up.

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Cleveland local Jessica Jaworski's biggest sellers are Trump bobble-heads, but she's also selling both Trump and Hillary-themed books. She admits the Clinton books, titled "Go, Hillary! Beat the Donald!," aren't her biggest sellers.

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"They pick up Hillary they laugh at it, and then they put it back on the table," she said, emphasizing that for her, the decision to put out the Hillary items is one of equal opportunity. "I have to put them there to be politically correct."

Dan Malafronte and Darrin Maconi, both of Monmouth County, New Jersey, are selling both Trump and Clinton-themed items, too. The pair traveled to Clevelend with 1,000 boxes of cereal featuring each candidate -- Trump Flakes and Clinton Crunch.

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"It's a limited item. Everyone's loving it, they're having a great time. We wanted to take politics, such a serious topic, and put a twist on it, make it fun," said Malafronte.

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Each box costs $40, or buyers can cut a deal of $60 for two. Malafronte says the proceeds will go towards his community college tuition.

As to who's selling more, Donald or Hillary, trends are starting to change. "At first, it was Trump, and then, people thought it was absolutely hysterical to send their Trump fan friends Clinton boxes," Malafronte said.

If they don't sell out, the pair will be in Cleveland, too.

Not everyone is having as much luck with their non-Trump-themed gear.

One stand outside the convention early Wednesday was largely selling Trump t-shirts, though it had Bernie Sanders and Clinton shirts for sale as well. By later in the day Wednesday, the Clinton t-shirts were gone. And on Thursday, the Sanders shirts were down as well. (A Muhammad Ali shirt still remained in the mix.)

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The vendor at the stand said he still had the shirts -- they were just in the car. He pointed to the "Feel the Bern" shirt he was sporting for the day.

Among the boldest vendors were the two men selling "No Trump '16" shirts and bumper stickers along Euclid Avenue. The pair of New Yorkers generally sell out of Union Square in Manhattan but came out to Cleveland for the RNC.

Hashem, one of the vendors who declined to give his last name, admitted sales weren't exactly skyrocketing. "Because it's so saturated with pro-Trump stuff, I think sometimes people just naturally assume our stuff is pro-Trump and walk by," he said.

Something tells me they might have more luck in Philadelphia -- they'll be there next week.