And then there were five.

The ever-dwindling group of GOP presidential hopefuls will take the stage tonight in the final debate before Super Tuesday, a day in which one-quarter of Republican delegates will be awarded.

Tonight's debate in Houston is hosted by CNN and moderated by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, alongside Telemundo News anchor Maria Celeste Arras, Salen talk-radio host Hugh Hewitt and CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash. The event will kick off at 8:30 p.m. ET.

If you aren't watching the debate -- and even if you are -- some of the best activity and insight is on Twitter. TheStreet will cover tonight's GOP debate live on social media -- follow us at @TheStreet and @TSTPolitics on Twitter for videos, commentary, news and more.

Are we ready for the debate? Oh, we are so ready. 

Further, below we bring you some of the best comments on what's happening on stage at the GOP debate from the Twitterverse.

It's starting and we're excited. 

It's a day ending in y, that can only mean that there's another debate. I'll be live-tweeting the #GOPDebate over @TheStreet. Join the fun!

- Jeffrey Kanige (@jkanige) February 26, 2016

And our veteran tweeter is here for everyone's comfort. 

Ah, the old handshake and point. Oldest trick in the book.

Wolf Blitzer's beard is important. 

The buzzword for Trump is "win."

Voters are beginning to catch onto Trump's word vomit. 

Talking about immigration... the thing Trump introduced us to apparently? But mass deportation mightn't be the answer. 

Rubio really attacks Trump which is refreshing. 

HEY! Some politicians still think America is pretty darn great.

Cruz and Rubio team up against Trump.

Trump LOVES talking about his wall.

Trump finger-wags at Mexico for using naughty language.

Rubio and Cruz begin to debate about immigration very passionately.

Twitter implores Cruz and Rubio to continue attacking Trump. 

Trump begins to talk again...

One moderator has the gall to continue to poke Trump.

Yet others have better ideas for a moderator.

Trump uses the ol' comeback "I know you are, but what am I?"

Uh-oh, someone has Rubio's number. 

Of course Planned Parenthood comes into the conversation.

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Trump is still dominating the stage... and the Twittersphere. 

Hey, don't bring fruit salad into this!

Like a WWE fight, Rubio is taking Trump OUT!

Even ol' mate Franky Lutz agrees that Rubio is killing it.

Dr. Carson says things... I think?

Cruz talks health care but some aren't buying... including the lovely Sarah Silverman. 

This has to be one of the best screenshots of the night. 

You know how we can get rid of the debt? Education! Trump loves the poorly educated!

Wolf Blitzer tries to rein in the chaos. 

Trump is against death on the streets. Which is good to know.

Wow, 90 minutes in and we've covered a lot. 

Trump is under audit... surprise, surprise.

A commercial break is very well received.

Trump was grand marshall.

Trump wrote 'The Art of the Deal'. Now he can bring peace to the Middle East. 

But let's talk about the important questions.

Carson is so mad he wasn't called upon.

Ok, now even comedians' kids have better takes. 

Ben Carson's monologue worries some. 

Donald attacks both left and right.

Saddest line all night. 

The three frontrunners are going at one another like nobody's business.

Oh, if only they were on the ticket...

This picture makes me way sadder than it should. 

Can we build the wall with minutes? Because it may already be built. 

Dr. Ben Carson didn't have much to say, did he.

Rubio is anti-looniness. 

And it's done! All done!