Donald Trump is apparently over that whole boycottApple (AAPL) - Get Report thing -- he's tweeting from an iPhone now.

Dan Scavino, head of social media and adviser to Trump, said in a tweet this week that Trump has been using an iPhone in recent weeks on Twitter. He appears to have traded up from an Android.

Trump once called for a boycott of Apple while campaigning when the company refused to help the FBI unlock one of the San Bernardino shooters' devices.

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Tracking Trump's social media habits has become a national pastime of sorts -- or at least a media focus point. The president often brags about his online following and his ability to use platforms like Twitter to circumvent the press and take his message to the masses.

His tweets -- or, rather, the devices he sends them from -- have also become a national security matter. Democratic Senators Claire McCaskill and Tom Carper in February sent Defense Secretary James Mattis a letter expressing concern that Trump's personal phone could pose a security risk.

"Public reports originally indicated that President Trump began using a 'secure, encrypted device approved by the U.S. Secret Service' prior to taking office," the Senators wrote. "Subsequent reports, however, suggest that President Trump may still be using his personal smartphone, an 'old, unsecured Android phone.' While it is important for the President to have the ability to communicate electronically, it is equally important that he does so in a manner that is secure and that ensures the preservation of presidential records."

A review of Trump's recent tweets indicate that president is indeed now using an iPhone most of the time, but not always. His Saturday tweet encouraging people to watching Jeanine Pirro's show on Fox News came from an Android.