Last week Jeb Bush officially suspended his campaign for president after consistently finishing fourth or worse in polling and the early voting states. While his candidacy is over, his memory will live on forever on Vine, where Bush was a popular subject (target) of the rising video platform's creators. 

Before the campaign season officially kicked off, Bush was presumed to be Republican Party's nominee. However, Republicans, voters and, most of all, Bush were blindsided by the political tour-de-force that Donald Trump has turned out to be.

As Trump gained momentum amid burgeoning anti-establishment fervor, it became increasingly clear as the season dragged on that Bush was over-matched and ineffectual as a candidate.

While the five remaining Republican Presidential candidates gear up for the last debate ahead of the all-important Super Tuesday contests, let's have a look back at the best moments from Bush's candidacy.

The first thing you have to know about Bush's candidacy is that he was very, very serious. 

Early on in the process, Bush tried to distinguish himself from his nemesis.

But he just could not connect with voters the same way Trump could. One of the most infamous Jeb Vines perfectly captures this impotence: 

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Jeb could not escape his last name. 

He also couldn't escape being labeled by Trump as weak. The GOP frontrunner leveled that attack relentlessly.

And when it came to attacking Trump, Bush proved that he just didn't pack the punch that the bombastic billionaire did.

Here's another non-memorable Bush jab at Trump. 

Remember that time Bush told us about how his supporters totally weren't zombies? 

And who can forget the Vine that framed Bush as a low-energy nerd to the millions who watched it. 

While gone, Jeb will certainly not be forgotten.