PHILADELPHIA (TheStreet) -- A group of entrepreneurs raising money for Hillary Clinton is out in full force at the Democratic National Convention this week, making the argument for why the former secretary of state would be the best choice for American business-builders.

Officially launched in November 2015, Entrepreneurs for Hillary is a volunteer organization dedicated to supporting Clinton's presidential campaign. It was founded by five women with experience in entrepreneurship and business, including Shelly Porges, serial entrepreneur and investor. She worked at the State Department under Clinton as a senior adviser to the Global Entrepreneurship Program from 2010 to 2013.

Porges is here in Philadelphia this week spreading the word about the organization and Clinton's entrepreneurial appeal.

"Even after the recession, entrepreneurship is the best part of the American brand," she said in an interview in Philadelphia. 

She laid out why she believes the former first lady is the best choice for entrepreneurs and business owners.

"Hillary, for a long time, has recognized that small businesses and entrepreneurs form the backbone of our economy. Small businesses in this country employ virtually half the total workforce," she said.

Clinton has proposed a number of initiatives that could benefit entrepreneurs. Her technology and innovation agenda is designed to appeal to tech companies as well as tech entrepreneurs. She has pledged to "level the playing field" for American small businesses by easing access to capital, reducing regulations and providing tax relief.

"The federal government has often focused on large businesses and providing incentives. She's very focused on ensuring that entrepreneurs and small businesses have the incentives, and investors in them, have the kinds of incentives they need to ensure that they can accelerate the growth of those businesses," Porges said.

A number of major figures have signed on to Entrepreneurs for Hillary, including Kimbal Musk, co-founder of Boulder, Colo.-based The Kitchen Community and brother of Tesla (TSLA) - Get Report CEO Elon Musk; Carley Roney, founder of The Knot (now XO Group Inc. (XOXO) ); and Stephanie Newby, CEO of social media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon.

"Cleary, every business today is a tech business in some way, because we're all tech-enabled, so whether you're a retailer that's using Square (SQ) - Get Report or you're a manufacturer that's using high-end advanced manufacturing robotics, or whether you're a data analysis company using AI, everyone, and that doesn't touch on med-tech, on agriculture, on ed-tech, on fin-tech, all of the above. And she gets it," said Porges.

Enterpreneurs for Hillary is an all-volunteer group, and 100% of the funds it raises goes to the Clinton campaign and to the Hillary Victory Fund, the joint fundraising committee set up with the DNC.

The group has already hosted a handful of events in the Mid-Atlantic region as well as on the West Coast and in Texas. Porges declined to say how much they had raised but emphasized the money was coming from a different group than usual.

"So much of what we're bringing in is new money," she said. At a recent event in Boston, she said all of the money raised by the group came from new donors.

Much of the group's appeal lies with women, millennials and immigrants -- those often more likely to start a business -- but some of the other fresh faces are crossing over from the Republican side.

"We've gotten a few of those," Porges said.

And she isn't too concerned about Republican nominee Donald Trump, either. "Wherever he's thrown out something, he doesn't have a plan. There isn't anything that Hillary talks about where she doesn't have a plan," she said.