Concerns over a Donald Trump victory on Tuesday have sent markets into decline in recent days. Even the stocks that stand to perform well under a Trump presidency have struggled.

TheStreet's Donald Trump Stock Portfolio, a set of 15 stocks identified that could surge with the real estate magnate in the White House, fell 1.57% in the week leading up to the election, from market close Friday, Oct. 28, to market close Friday, Nov. 4. Since we began tracking the Trump portfolio in July, it has declined 2.95%.

The usually boisterous Trump spent much of his final week on the campaign trail trying to stick to the script and allow negative headlines about Hillary Clinton dominate the conversation. He even gave himself a pep talk at a rally.

A New York Timesstory over the weekend provided a window into Trumpland in the final stretch: a candidate who doesn't want to be alone, a daughter who tries to brush campaign ads under the rug, aides who have finally wrestled Twitter away from their nominee.

Trump's poll numbers have climbed heading to Election Day, though he remains the race's underdog. FBI director James Comey delivered a small blow on Sunday when he announced a renewed review of Clinton's emails would not lead to any charges.

Here's what's been happening with the Trump-friendly stocks:

U.S. Steel (X) - Get Report was the top portfolio in the Trump portfolio last week. Its price rallied 2.85%, to $19.86. The Pittsburgh-based company posted a strong quarterly performance last week but lowered its full-year guidance. It also announced an agreement to sell U.S. Steel Canada, which filed for bankruptcy protection in 2014, to Bedrock Industries. U.S. Steel is the only stock in both the Trump and Clinton portfolios, as both candidates' policies--specifically in relation to China--would benefit it.

Another steel company, Steel Dynamics (STLD) - Get Report , surged last week as well. It climbed 2.68%, to $27.55. The Indiana-based steel producer, like U.S. Steel, would benefit from Trump's stance towards China. He pledges to instruct the Treasury Secretary to label the country a currency manipulator and instruct the U.S. Trade Representative to bring cases against it.

The Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) was the worst performer in the Trump portfolio last week. Its price tumbled 7.18%, to $97. Though Bitcoin declined last week, it may be a haven for investors concerned about market uncertainty triggered by a Trump victory.

Lockheed Martin (LMT) - Get Report tumbled 4.73%, to $236.28, by market close Friday. The company tussled with the Pentagon over a $6.1 billion contract for F-35 fighter planes, arguing the contract was not mutually agreed-upon soon after it was announced. Trump has said he would increase military spending as Commander in Chief--Lockheed Martin, the U.S. government's biggest single contractor, would almost certainly get a boost from that.

Here's how the entire Trump portfolio did last week, leading with the top gainers:

U.S. Steel 2.85%
Steel Dynamics 2.68%
Geo Group (GEO) - Get Report 0.34%
Oracle (ORCL) - Get Report 0.29%
Randgold Resources (GOLD) - Get Report 0.05%
Northrup Grumman (NOC) - Get Report -1.38%
ExxonMobil (XOM) - Get Report -1.43%
Tetra Tech (TTEK) - Get Report -1.56%
Microsoft (MSFT) - Get Report -1.94%
Capital One Financial (COF) - Get Report -2.05%
Boeing (BA) - Get Report -2.43%
Elbit Systems (ESLT) - Get Report -2.78%
Cemex (CX) - Get Report -4.25%
Lockheed Martin -4.73%
Bitcoin Investment Trust -7.18% 

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