Jeb Bush may not be able to fake anger, but he can generate the real thing on occasion.

Wednesday night, he appeared to do that with a blistering takedown of former protege Marco Rubio, who had been lambasted earlier in the day by a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Sun Sentinel editorial that accused him of taking too much time off from the U.S. Senate. Rubio represents Florida, the state where Bush was governor from 1998 to 2006.

Bush took the liberty of agreeing with the Sun Sentinel. Rubio's absences, he said, have been excessive given the Senate's "French work week" and he should either start showing up or do the honorable thing and resign.

While the contest had opened with voters focused on whether Jeb could counter rival Donald Trump's criticism that he's a "low-energy" candidate, rather than come out with guns blazing, the third Bush to seek the White House admitted off the bat that he can't convincingly pretend to be outraged.

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He did, however, show a bit of personality with a couple of well-timed jokes about his success as a fantasy football player until the moment was squashed by a self-righteous Chris Christie, who blasted fantasy football as a suitable topic of discussion for a presidential debate.

He gave his Social Security reforms a bit of color as well, suggesting that the wealthy should receive less Social Security than those who need it more.