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What's in Biden's Revamped Economic and Climate Plan

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President Joe Biden unveiled a newly revamped plan for his $1.75 trillion social, economic, and climate change agenda at the White House today.

The president provided details of the 'Build Back Better' plan saying, "Today I’m pleased to announce after months of tough and thoughtful negotiations, I think we have, I know we have a historic economic framework."

Biden called on all members of Congress, especially all Democrats to support the agenda. Moderates and Progressives within the party are not in total agreement on the compromises within the plan and whether to push it forward without pursuing a larger spending bill at the same time.

The President emphasized how the plan will invest in education and benefit the middle class and lower-income families. "For much too long, working people of this nation and the middle class of this country have been dealt out of the American deal. It's time to deal them back in..." Biden said. [If] we make these investments, there will be no stopping the American people or America. We will own the future."

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