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Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada Caucuses in Decisive Victory

Sen. Bernie Sanders wins the Nevada caucuses in a resounding victory for the Democratic front-runner.

Bernie Sanders has been declared the winner of the Nevada caucuses according to The New York Times, NBC News and TheHill. The senator from Vermont has now captured the popular vote in every state and has plenty of momentum heading into South Carolina and Super Tuesday.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is currently a distant second as results are continuing to come in. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Mayor Pete Buttigieg failed to find their footing in the Silver State as they are losing voters from the first vote to the final vote. Businessman Tom Steyer and Sen. Amy Klobuchar rounded out the Democratic Party's competitors in a disappointing showing for the two in Nevada.

Here are the Nevada Caucuses Results (50% reporting):

CandidateVote %Vote Count (County Convention Delegates)

Bernie Sanders



Joe Biden



Pete Buttigieg



Elizabeth Warren



Amy Klobuchar



Buttigieg, Warren and Klobuchar may continue to struggle in the upcoming states with a much more diverse voting base. According to Nevada entrance polls, their polling among people of color shows they will be much weaker than Sanders, Biden and Bloomberg.

Sanders has strong support in a majority of the voting demographics in Nevada. Nevada has a large Hispanic population, and Sanders carried 53% of the vote among Latino voters Saturday. Sanders also was showing strong support among young voters and Independents  

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was not on the ballot in Nevada following a disastrous debate performance Wednesday night. Bloomberg is spending hundreds of millions of his own money for his presidential campaign, including money from his philanthropies to buy endorsements to advance his political causes. Bloomberg is dealing with backlash after videos of him speaking about his racist "stop and frisk" policy and redlining surfaced.