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A Look at the Afghanistan War By the Numbers

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As the U.S-invasion of Afghanistan is coming to an end, an estimated 174,000 lives have been lost. 

U.S. President Joe Biden addressed the nation on the ongoing crisis where he said that the Afghanistan mission "was never supposed to be nation-building."

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As per Linda Bilmes of Harvard University’s Kennedy School and Brown University Costs of War Project, the two-decade-long war has cost the U.S. about $2.26 trillion. 

"War is expensive—in terms of lives lost, physical damage to people and property, mental trauma to soldiers and war-zone inhabitants, and in terms of money. The expense of war is not restricted to the annual budgetary costs of the war spending itself, but also depends upon the way in which war is financed," the report from Brown Univesity says. "When war is financed through debt, the costs are much greater than when it is financed through taxation or other revenues since interest payments must be made as long as the debt is outstanding. In fact, interest payments can sometimes grow to beyond the level of the debt itself, as will likely be the case with the post-9/11 wars."

The report estimates that by 2050, the U.S. will pay $6.5 trillion in interest payment on Afghanistan war debt.

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