) -- Before you settle down for the third, and final, presidential debate Monday night between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, there are a number of people who you should follow on


for smart, humorous and factual comments in real time.


has compiled a list of the top handles to follow on the social media site for the 90-minute event.

During the second presidential debate, moderator Candy Crowley offered an

immediate fact check

of a claim that the president had not immediately referred to the attacks on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi as an act of terror. Had she not, you would have received the facts of the exchange if you had been following the group below.

But beyond real-time fact-checking during the debate, this solid foundation of Twitter voices will give you accurate and timely

information to get through the remainder of the election season


This list is by no means comprehensive, so feel free to suggest other Twitter handles in the comment section below.

@maggiepolitico at


is a veteran reporter who is a breaking news machine. She provides exceptional analysis and top shoe-leather reporting.


@PeterHambyCNN covers politics for


and instantly provides concise analysis without cluttering up your timeline. He's an excellent source for breaking news -- as he is many times the breaker of it.


@reidepstein covers the White House for


. His day job is following around the President of the United States, and he mixes some humor into his reporting.



@daveweigel blogs and reports about politics, and rarely seems to sleep. He doesn't hesitate to call out Democrats and Republicans, and has

expressed support

for Rep. Ron Paul.


@ZekeJMiller covers the election for


and is an absolute must-follow for by-the-second updates on the debates.


@mviser covers politics for

The Boston Globe

. Follow him for a daily pulse on Mitt Romney's campaign and a host of other election news.


The Huffington Post's

@samsteinhp covers the White House and provides great original election content. He is quick to call out misleading comments during the debates.



@GingerGibson follows the Romney campaign. Her clever tweets will surely amuse you. I mean, just look at the one above.


@mollyesque provides long-form reporting for

The Atlantic

. She should entertain you with some sarcastic tweeting.


@kasie for

The Associated Press

gives you straight news without too much color. This is a person you should follow for a classic basket of reporting. She also aggregates tweets from other brilliant reporters.


Few people can fact check in real time by backing it up with CSPAN videos from the past two or three decades.


@BuzzFeedAndrew is celebrated for his video research. He also loves cats.


@SarahH_CBSNJ, who covers the Romney campaign for

National Journal


CBS News

, during the debate will give you a steady stream of notable quotations from the two candidates. If you step away from the television for a moment, just scroll back through her feed.


@TheFix blogs and reports for

The Washington Post

. He producers exceptional analysis, and loves to ask for his followers' opinions throughout the debates.


@ProducerMatthew is a social media maestro for


. Throughout the debate he will provide you with a load of interesting links and topical factoids.


@BorowitzReport writes humorous articles for

The New Yorker

, but you probably won't love him if you're sensitive to mostly Romney jokes.


@cschweitz for

Vox Media

tweets about pretty much everything and often. She is a Twitter buff who takes a lighter approach to politics that non-political junkies will almost certainly appreciate.

-- Written by Joe Deaux in New York.

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