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45,085 people were infected and that's with 32% of the US population fully vaccinated and 45% having had at least one dose of the vaccine. Unfortunately, we're now facing problems with the 1/3 of Americans who do not want to be vaccinated – because they believe Bill Gates is trying to put a tracker in their bodies or whatever other nonsense they hear from Fox "News" and other conspiracy-mongering outlets. Not getting vaccinated is NOT a personal choice – it puts all of us in danger from vaccine-resistant variants resurging all around us – even as our own vaccines wear off over time.

This is something John Oliver made a great report on this weekend:

The emergence of new variants, and whether vaccines are effective against them, is a subject of continued concern as a variant first detected in India, called B.1.617, spreads across the country. There is also a risk that further variants will arise there as the country’s outbreak grows, experts say. Another worrisome variant, P.1, is wreaking havoc across South America. In the United States, experts now believe that attaining herd immunity is unlikely because of the spread of variants and hesitancy among some people in the country to be vaccinated. The variant that has caused the most alarm is B.1.1.7, which is about 60 percent more transmissible than original versions of the virus.

The Indian health ministry recorded about 410,000 cases in 24 hours, a new global high, and 3,980 deaths, the highest daily death toll in any country outside the United States. Experts believe the number of actual infections and deaths is much higher. India’s pace of vaccinations has become a source of global concern as its outbreak devastates the nation and spreads into neighboring countries, and as a variant first identified there begins to be found around the world.


In Colombia, demonstrations over the past week against the poverty and inequality that have worsened the lives of millions since the pandemic began have been met with a powerful crackdown by their government, which has responded to the protests with the same militarized police force it often uses against rebel fighters and organized crime. Experts say this explosion of frustration could presage unrest across Latin America, where several countries face the combustible mix of an unrelenting pandemic, growing hardship and plummeting government revenue.

“We are all connected,” said León Valencia, a political analyst, noting that past protests had jumped from country to country. “This could spread across the region.”

That region, for those of you who suffer from a US Education, is 437 miles from Florida – close enough that people walk from there to our borders all the time to enjoy our lovely cages and hospitality and that's because conditions are worse than that in their home countries. This is something Americans have A LOT of practice ignoring but now the poverty zones we only visit on cruise ships are now becomming breeding grounds for the 4th, 5th and 6th waves of new versions of the virus – a war we've already spent $10Tn fighting in the US – thank goodness we stopped wasting money on foreign aid, right conservatives?

Investors are also ingoring these continuing issues in the rest of the World. Our Global Economy is connected, we've had times when an economic crisis in countries like Argentina or Brazil have caused a melt-down in the US market but now we are willfully ignoring. We are not out of the woods until ALL of these countries are white. Currently, NONE of them are white and far too many are still red.

Covid2 May 6 2021