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Major Topics:

00:06:38 Checking on the Markets
00:12:31 Seeking Alpha News
00:14:33 Nevada Gaming Control Board
00:17:56 SQQQ
00:24:19 Trade Ideas
00:25:02 TZA
00:26:57 Options Opportunity Portfolio
00:31:18 Butterfly Portfolio
00:32:19 OIH
00:33:58 Money Talk Portfolio
00:35:59 Short Term Portfolio
00:44:20 S&P500
00:53:56 Trade Ideas
00:55:46 OIH
01:12:16 Seeking Alpha News
01:18:43 TZA
01:24:07 S&P 500
01:25:55 SQQQ
01:31:34 More Trade Ideas

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