Saks Fifth Avenue Shields NYC Store With Barbed Wire, Attack Dogs To Deter Looters


Courtesy of ZeroHedge

The Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan is now lined with barbed wire fencing and attack dogs amid weeks of social unrest in the city.

 Reuters says the luxury retailer hired a third-party security firm to protect the store and associates. Amid these unprecedented times, it was found necessary to line the store with chainlink fencing with barb wire on top and private security guards with attack dogs.

A source told Reuters that looters damaged Saks stores in Chicago; Chevy Chase, Maryland; Boston; and San Francisco in recent weeks. Other stores in Atlanta, Columbus, Indianapolis, Phoenix, and New Orleans were boarded up to prevent future break-ins. There was no mention if other locations had attack dogs.

 The New York Post said "at least seven German shepherds, Belgian Malinois and pit bull dogs" were seen outside the Manhattan location. One security guard said, "God willing, I hope they [looters] don't show up, and it goes smoothly."

The guard said the dogs "aren't friendly."

We noted, over the weekend, that retail outlets up and down the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast were preemptively boarded up and emptied of merchandise until the social unrest is over.

Mass looting comes at a precarious time for retailers, as 25,000 stores are expected to close by the end of this year.

The virus-induced economic downturn has been especially bad for Simon Property Group, the largest mall owner in America, which just filed a lawsuit against GAP for non-payment of rent. The shutdowns have left many retailers in financial ruin.

To make matters worse, a recent report noted 18 million workers could be at risk of permanent job loss — which would mean high unemployment and social instabilities are here to stay for the summer.

The country is imploding from within — while many people are caught up in the moment — we must remind readers that lining a retail store with barbed wire fencing and attack dogs is not normal, but a result of the unprecedented times as a socio-economic collapse is underway.